National Women's Small Business Month - October
(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)


In October, National Women’s Small Business Month highlights the benefits and industry women bring to communities when they own a small business. With over 11 million (and growing!) women owning small businesses in the United States, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved.

Benefits of Women-Owned Small Businesses

Throughout the month, organizations, businesses and aspiring entrepreneurs share resources and advice that support women-owned businesses. Like any small business, the benefits to a community are enormous. Locally owned small businesses bring revenue to communities. Small companies are more likely to support local organizations, schools and projects. They also provide a tremendous number of jobs, keeping local economies going and growing.

When you include women in the small business factor, you increase business diversity. Did you know that 50 percent of women small business owners are women of color? Supporting women in small businesses also inspires young women in powerful ways. When they see other women succeeding, they’re motivated to succeed, too! In 2012, 44 percent of women small business owners also had children under the age of 18 in their household. That means, by supporting women-owned businesses, you’re also supporting families.

Businesses owned by women come in all varieties, too. They pursue business in STEM fields, creative and consumer domains, and service-oriented professions. There’s really no limit to the opportunities available.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WomensSmallBusinessMonth

Whether you own a small business or are considering starting one, there are several ways to participate all month long.

Attend or host an event

Whether it’s a seminar, webinar, interview or workshop, these events promote healthy small businesses. They provide a wealth of information all business owners need to know. These events also offer resources specific to women-owned enterprises.

Be a mentor to other women

If you’ve already overcome the stumbling blocks of ownership, you’re one of the most valuable resources available to beginning business owners. Your experiences not only help pave the way for others, but your insight brings clarity and confidence to others.

Sharpen your skills

Any business person knows that it’s vital to keep learning and discovering. Whether it’s a new technology, legislation, or financial news, the business world is always changing. It demands we stay focused and aware of the changing business world. Improving our skills also provides us with more opportunities. Whether driving business into new areas or changing direction, growing our tools help us create a brighter future for our businesses.

Join an organization

Numerous organizations around the country support small businesses. By networking with other like-minded women, you’re not only able to learn about growing your business but you can also share your experiences and be a voice for others. Some organizations you may find helpful include the National Association of Women Business Owners, your local Chamber of Commerce, and the American Business Women’s Association. If local organizations are lacking in your area, help start one. Bring a chapter to your community and let the leadership begin!

Discover other resources

For example, the U.S. Small Business Administration includes an Office of Women’s Business Ownership that serves not only as a guide, but advocates for women business owners, too.

Support a Woman-Owned Small Business

Explore your community and shop at women-owned small businesses. You can even explore the small-businesses who Celebrate Every Day! For example:

One of the most significant ways you can celebrate is by share information on social media, including this article. Use #WomensSmallBusinessMonth to post on social media.


Since 2012, the Small Business Administration has be been supporting National Women’s Small Business Month by promoting events, webinars and giving a voice to women business owners. Each year, the organization hosts a variety of events recognizing women in small businesses.

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