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Imagine as the owner of a fast food franchise the additional sales coming through “Celebrate Every Day” promotions with an easy to use Sticker employees place on their uniform. With National Cheeseburger Day for example, having your employees wear the Sticker shown in the image over to the right, do you suppose more Cheeseburger sales would result? Absolutely.

National Day Calendar has become very popular across the U.S. – Radio and TV stations frequently broadcast the National Day of that day. Newspapers, blogs, websites and Social Media bring awareness to National Day Calendar on a daily basis! We have been featured on The Ellen Degeneres Show, The Today Show, Fox & Friends, Elvis Duran, Steve Harvey,  Good Morning America, the Associated Press, Towne Square Media, iHeartRadio, and even Major League Baseball.

As powerful as this is, your business can easily capitalize on our authority. Ask us about our Celebrate Every Day business services today. Use the Contact Form found here to introduce yourself and have your questions answered.
Or, you may very well be interested in more information about National Day Calendar’s Social Media contests and how they can drive traffic and sales to your promotions.

We can quite literally flip a switch and send instant traffic to any page on the Internet chosen by you. Think of this as a virtual flash mob showing up on any given page on your site or social page, and on any given day.

For companies who already know the conversion ratio of their sales funnel, using us to send a load of ‘real’ traffic, and not bots, to that sales funnel… we will let you decide if you might be interested in such an opportunity.

Get your questions answered today – Give us a phone call or use the contact form here to reach out to us.

We are more than happy to give business owners ideas on how to best add value to their Brand using the “Celebrate Every Day” logo through T-shirts , National Day Stickers and Social Media Contests.

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