Priscilla Subramaniyam

(Last Updated On: May 23, 2023)

Meet Priscilla

Priscilla is a vibrant force of nature. Her professional career ranges from working for a start-up business to working in management.

On any given day, you can catch Priscilla dancing to a fun beat on a whim. It’s no secret she loves being a fun wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, and everything in between. However, there is also a serious side to Priscilla.

Volunteer work has always been important to Priscilla. In addition to devoting time to community involvement, she also serves on various boards and committees. Obviously, she knows this is a great way to give back. At times, choosing an organization can be difficult for some. But, for Priscilla, the choice is easy. She chooses mental health, stroke and heart health, and women’s health because they are dearest to her heart.

Positivity: Pass It On to Positivity Vibe Tribe

Priscilla focuses on her daily belief in empowerment. Once she heard about National Day Calendar, she was immediately drawn to becoming an Ambassador.

During participation in a 2018 pageant, Priscilla found herself onstage as a finalist. After answering one particular question, her internal bell rang. To sum it up, she decided it was time to discuss the importance of face-to-face interaction.

Positivity: Pass It On to Positivity Vibe Tribe: Navigating the Reel vs. Real of Social Media and Harnessing Face-to-Face Communication Project. ~ By Priscilla Subramaniyam 

During 2020, when being in-person wasn’t feasible, she started her YouTube channel to connect with small businesses, nonprofits and individuals with platforms and was able to reach people across the USA and Dublin too.

We know Priscilla is a firm believer in the power of being positive. Through perseverance, positivity, pageantry, and parenting, it’s easy to find daily inspiration. As a result, Priscilla incorporates a thriving spirit that allows her to Celebrate Every Day!

Priscilla’s Picks

Being an Ambassador means a lot to Priscilla. In addition to celebrating as much as possible, she goes above and beyond to get others involved. One of her favorite things is to show up at local businesses to do live events.

According to Priscilla, she does have a few favorite days throughout the calendar.

  • Pi Day (March 14)
  • Let’s Laugh Day (March 19)
  • Take Our Sons and Daughters to Work Day (fourth Thursday in April)
  • Donut Day (first Friday in June)
  • Cheese Day (June 4)
  • Flip Flop Day (June 14)
  • Avocado Day (July 31)
  • Dance Day (third Saturday in September)
  • Coffee Day (September 29)
  • Pasta Day (October 17)
  • Make a Difference Day (fourth Saturday in October)

​Priscilla lives in the Kansas City metro area.

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