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National Vinegar Day November 1


This common household product brightens many salads, is used in canning and can shine up a window, too! November 1 recognizes National Vinegar Day!
Vinegar is produced either by a fast or a slow fermentation process. Slow methods are generally used with traditional vinegar and the fermentation proceeds slowly over the course of months or up to a year.

There are many varieties of vinegar:

* Apple cider * Balsamic * Beer * Cane * Coconut * Date * Distilled vinegar * East Asian black * Flavored vinegar * Fruit * Honey * Job’s tears * Kiwifruit * Kombucha * Malt * Palm * Raisin* Rice * Sinamak * Spirit vinegar * Sherry vinegar * White * Wine *

Vinegar is:

  • Most commonly used in food preparation such as pickling processes, vinaigrettes and other salad dressings
  • An essential ingredient in mustard, ketchup, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise
  • A popular condiment for fish and chips
  • Used as a flavoring for potato chips
  • Used as a dip for crab meat
  • A substitute for fresh lemon juice
  • Used as a sauce when roasting lamb
  • Used in sushi rice
  • Used as a flavoring
  • Commonly put into mint sauce
  • Used in making some beverages
  • Used for medical remedies and treatments
  • Used for cleaning
  • Used in gardening and pest control

Some forms of vinegar are believed to have health benefits.

To learn more about vinegar, see:  http://www.versatilevinegar.org/vinegarlore.html


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Within our research, we were unable to find the origin of National Vinegar Day.

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