National Salsa Month - May

National Salsa Month - May


National Salsa Month in May a vibrant way to add flavor and color to any recipe.

Salsa means sauce in Spanish. While we may be most familiar with tomato, pepper and onion salsas, any fresh fruit or vegetable can be made into salsa.

We can make fresh salsa all year long with produce that is in season. When our gardens produce a bounty, canned salsa preserves the flavor for the winter months. We can also purchase in bulk when the timing is right to save money.

In some parts of Indiana, if someone asks you for a mango, they might be asking you for a bell pepper!

Salsas don’t have to be spicy, but even when they are the heat can be a subtle flavor that only lingers for a moment on the tongue. These sauces burst with aromatic spices and go well with a variety of meats, dips, and desserts. They pair well with wine and cheese, too.

Don’t hesitate to experiment, but be cautious when using hot peppers. The capsaicin can be harmful depending on where the pepper ranks on the Scoville scale.

After making your salsa, keep the colors bright by adding a squeeze of lemon or lime to the recipe. The acid prevents the fruits from turning brown.


Make several different salsas in May. Why not start with something traditional like the salsa on the National Day Calendar recipe page. Throughout the month, try new or exotic fruits and flavors. Tell us what salsas inspire you! Use #NationalSalsaMonth to share on social media.


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