LIBRARY SHELFIE DAY – Fourth Wednesday in January

Library Shelfie Day | Fourth Wednesday in January
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2023)


The fourth Wednesday in January offers a unique opportunity for book lovers on Library Shelfie Day.


Some collectors of books tend to arrange their collections so their spines can be admired pleasantly. Others have a system of organization that results in an alternative art form. However our books are organized on the shelf, they are meant to be photographed and shared on social media.

Library Shelfies offer book stores, libraries, schools, and individuals an opportunity to express their reading preferences through a single photograph. Whether they frame their favorite authors, titles, genres or cover art, readers share a bit of their library in creative ways. With or without dust jackets, signed and unsigned, dogeared and in mint condition, bibliophiles love books of all kinds.


Whether you have a small library with a few select favorites or are a true bibliophile, arrange your collection on a shelf and take a picture. Express your inner artist! Build a tower of babbling books or a wall of words. Invite others to join you in your aesthetically pleasing book-building adventure. Some suggestions include:

  • Arrange by color
  • Order books by height, thickness, width
  • Arrange book titles so they send a message
  • Stack books artistically
  • Place books in the order in which they were read
  • Rely on the good ol’ alphabetical order by author
  • Display a biography only shelfie

Once you’ve taken your library shelfie, visit a local library and check out theirs. You might find they’ve developed clever ways to entice you to new books and old ones, too. Have fun displaying your collection in fun ways! Don’t forget to use #LibraryShelfieDay to share on social media.

Once you’ve shared your shelfie, explore 8 Unique Libraries In The United States for more shelf inspiration.

Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for classroom projects to celebrate the day.


The New York Public Library founded Library Shelfie Day as a way to observe various national holidays by displaying shelfies representing books from each day.

Library Shelfie FAQ

Q. Can anyone participate on this day?
A. Yes. Library Shelfie Day is for everyone.

Q. I only read digital books. How can I participate?
A. Find another book lover and team up with them to create an amazing shelfie.

Q. Where is the largest library in the world?
A. The largest library in the world is the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., United States. It contains more than 2.9 million books and millions of recordings, sheet music, and photographs.

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