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Welcome to Class

Welcome to the National Day Calendar Classroom

We are excited to have you join us as we build a monthly theme around some of the fun and educational National Days. Monthly we will choose a theme for classroom participation, breaking that participation down into weekly interactive assignments.

September’s theme is book reading. Breaking this down into weekly assignments with Week 1 being National Read a Book Day and specifically cookbooks. Why? Well, Week 2 is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day, and we have a few no bake recipes students can put together in the classroom.

How To Observe

The classroom is designed for fun and interactive lessons for students. New ways to incorporate math, reading, writing, history, art, social studies and spelling. With an emphasis on helping teachers to find new ways to make learning enjoyable from kindergarten all the way through to high school. So here we go, join us…

  • Have a question, or an idea to help make the Classroom better, please let us know.


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