German-American Heritage Month - October


When the calendar turns to October, German American Heritage Month goes into full swing. From festivals and parades to history lessons and celebrations, flavors and sounds fill the month of October.

As early as 1683, families from Germany began settling in Pennsylvania. Ever since then, waves of immigrants brought their ingenuity and perseverance to the United States. When we hear them, we recognize them.

John Steinbeck, Carrie Marcus Neiman, Milton Hershey, Eberhard Anheuser, Marlene Dietrich, Gussie Busch.

The list goes on. Whether they were pioneers, inventors or trailblazers, they pursued their dreams and built the roads to carry them us with them.

All across the nation, their impact can be found. Through our architecture, literature, and settlements.

Our language is no different. For example, the word “kindergarten” means “child garden” in German. But some of the best words we use for food. We nosh on kuchen, noodles, brats, liverwursts, and bagels without every getting our lederhosen in a bunch over where they came from.

HOW TO OBSERVED #GermanAmericanHeritageMonth

There are so many ways to celebrate. Attend a festival or visit a museum. Research your heritage or host a beer tasting with a variety of authentic German foods. Visit the library and check out books by German authors you’ve never read. 

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President Ronald Reagan issued the first proclamation in October of 1987 promoting German American Heritage Month.

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