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Irish-American Heritage Month during March in the United States, Americans recognize the numerous contributions of Irish-Americans to the U.S. throughout the years. From the founding fathers to innovative transportation, arts and culture, Irish immigrants for generations left deep roots in the American landscape.

Criss-crossing the country, Irish-American Heritage holds rich traditions and an unmistakable can-do spirit. Their infectious character and indomitable personalities have brought us 22 presidents including Ulysses S. Grant, John F. Kennedy, Ronald Regan, and Barack Obama to name a few.  From inventor and businessman, Henry Ford to journalist Nellie Bly, author F. Scott Fitzgerald and dancer Gene Kelly, their endless talents fill many roles.

HOW TO OBSERVE #IrishAmericanHeritageMonth

Share stories and Irish-American heritage throughout March. Read about the Irish in America or watch a documentary. We’ve provided a few suggestions below. Explore the archives of your local museum and heritage center to learn their traditions and culture. Discover their language and family bonds. How did they impact the country and what traditions did they bring with them or leave behind?

  • Out of Ireland: The Story of Irish Emigration to America by Kerby A Miller and Paul Wagner
  • The Irish Americans: A History by Jay P. Dolan
  • The Fitzgeralds and the Kennedys by Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • Or watch The Irish in America: Long Journey Home

Celebrate the enduring contributions of the Irish-American and us #IrishAmericanHeritage to share on social media.


Since 1991, presidents of both political parties have designated March as Irish-American Heritage Month with a goal to honor the contribution that Irish immigrants and their descendants have played in the formation of the United States. President Donald Trump declared the Month of March as Irish-American Heritage Month in 2017.  Visit to view the proclamation in its entirety.

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