7 Things NOT Worth Repeating (1)
(Last Updated On: May 28, 2021)


7 Things NOT Worth Repeating – Yes, we know. We learn from our mistakes. However, there are some things in life that we should never repeat. One time was enough and sometimes, even that one time was too much. Like these 7 things that should never be repeated…

1. Bad Haircuts

A few styles immediately come to mind like rat tails, bowl cuts, and mullets. Some hair cuts are performed by well-intentioned friends or parents. Remember the bangs your mother gave you when you were six? Those are the cuts we’re talking about. But sometimes bad haircuts just happen. Either the cut wasn’t meant for your type of hair or there was a lack of communication between you and the hairstylist. Whatever the reason, the hairstyle should never be repeated.

2. Terrible Jobs

Money makes the world go-’round and having a job gets us money. For some, finding their dream job takes very little effort. However, many of us spend years finding the right fit. Our talents and interests vary, so what fits for one isn’t always a good fit for another. Anyone who has had a terrible work experience knows there is no point in repeating it. It’s probably best to keep moving forward and never look back.

3. Certain Fashion Trends

Fashion comes and goes. Classic styles never go out of fashion. The little black dress, denim jackets and blazers, and oversized cardigans come to mind. Some trends, though, need to be left in the past and never repeated. These for example:

  • Corsets & bustles – These and many of women’s fashion trends from 120+ years ago need never come back in style. Their restrictiveness made a lasting statement that women today likely won’t revisit unless it’s as a reminder of how far we’ve come.
  • Certain pant styles – It’s amazing how many bad ideas there are for clothing that covers the lower half of our bodies. From excessively ripped jeans to parachute pants, these styles faded fast (or need to). Others include Hammer pants, harem pants, ankle-tight rolled jeans, and Zubaz.
  • Some Suit Designs – Not all suits are bad, but these were. The plaid suit, zoot suit, and polyester suit were not fashion-forward. However, one style that seems to keep popping up and shouldn’t is the pantsuit. Let’s move on to a less mundane style for professional women, shall we?
  • Shoulder Pads – Speaking of professional looks, no one wants to look like a football player in the office.

We’re certain some of these styles can still be found in second-hand and consignment shops. There are many amazing classic styles to be found there, too. If you’re shopping for the local theatre group, the fashions listed above are not taboo. Otherwise, steer clear when you’re shopping!

4. Rear-wheel-drive 

Unless you are a racecar driver or stunt person, rear-wheel-drive serves no purpose in the real world. Front-wheel, four-wheel and all-wheel drive suit most modern drivers well.

5. Misguided Marketing

Whether we remember them or they disappeared too fast for us to even notice, there’s no reason to reissue these mistakes. A few beverages come to mind like New Coke, Chrystal Pepsi and Zima. The last one DID make not one but two repeats after its initial release by Coors in 2008. For all three products, flavor played a factor in their failure.

6. Drunk tattoos

Making any decision when you’ve over-imbibed is probably not a good idea. Marriage comes to mind. However, a tattoo is even more permanent than marriage these days and full of regerts – um, that’s regrets. If you’ve ever gotten a drunk tattoo, we hope you learned and never repeat that event again.

7. Answering the Nigerian Prince Emails

Or clicking on unfamiliar links, pop-ups or believing the IRS will be at your door in an hour… We know getting and protecting our money (see number 2) is important but please, please, please don’t get scammed again.

What are the 7 Things Worth Repeating in your life? We have a list for that, too! What have you done that you’ll never repeat again? Drop us a line and let us know!

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