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National Tattoo Day - July 17


National Tattoo Day on July 17 might just be the date to get that ink you’ve been contemplating.

Evidence of humans marking their bodies with permanent designs have existed for thousands of years. Egyptian and ice mummies reveal several forms of religious and status symbols.

The word “tattoo” is derived from the Polynesian language for tatau which means “to tap or to mark.” Around the world, cultures surrounding tattooing vary and some have changed very little over time. In the United States, sailors brought tattooing to coastal shores from their island exploits.

Getting inked continues to be a growing trend as technology and acceptance increases.  Age, gender, and religion are less common barriers than they used to be. The reasons for going under the needle range from intensely personal symbols to recording a significant event. There are those who get a tattoo on a whim.  Some people confess it’s an addiction.


You have the design. National Tattoo Day is the time.  Use #NationalTattooDay to share on social media.


Within our research, National Tatto Day has been observed since 2016. The founder and source of the day have not been identified.

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