7 Essential Ways to Use Towels
(Last Updated On: May 19, 2021)


Towels. They dry you. You wash them. You dry them. They dry you again. But is that all there is to a towel? Of course not! In honor of Towel Day, we’ve provided 7 ways towels are essential.

1. Towels As Pillows 

Packing for a long road trip, we often run out of room. Fold your beach towels, cabin towels or any towel you’re bringing along inside a pillowcase. Folded just right, a towel will replace those neck pillows, travel pillows, and any other pillow making room for other essentials or touristy nicknacks.

2. Towels As Shade

You’ve found the perfect spot at the beach, lake, or backyard. But just as you get comfortable the sun sinks below your existing shade. Hang a towel from your umbrella, a tree branch, railing or clothesline for a temporary, though effective, shade. Hanging Towel, Towel As Shade

3. Towels As Totes

Collecting shells, flowers or wild onions? You don’t need a basket or bucket. Gather the ends of your towel together and use it like a sack. Or, lay it flat and place your collection on the towel. Once you’ve gathered all you need, fold the towel in half and carry your treasures away.

4. Towels As Art

Towel Art Are guests joining you at your destination or coming to visit your home? Halfway through our list of 7 Essential Ways to Use Towels, we come to the quintessential towel art. Welcome your guests with clever towel art for a memorable beginning to their stay.

5. Towels As Toys

Old towels fade and become raggedy, but they don’t lose their usefulness. Pet parents know their dogs and cats like to play games. Tie a towel in a knot and use it to play fetch or tug-of-war with your canine companion. You can also cut strips and tie them to the end of a stick for your cats to bat and paw.

6. Towels As Donations

While old towels may look dingy and faded, they haven’t outworn their ability to dry you or your dishes. Don’t throw them out. Donate them to a homeless shelter or an animal shelter. They will get further use for someone or a pet in need. Wildlife rescues, zoos, and rehabilitation centers also use old towels in their care of animals.

7. Towels As Rags

Yes, of course, old towels can be regulated to the cleaning tote. Cut them into dust cloths or just the right size for washing and drying the car.

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