National Backyard Day | March 19
(Last Updated On: March 17, 2023)


Our backyards have become our home away from home, our playgrounds, and an extension of our homes. On March 19th, we celebrate National Backyard Day and all the ways we’ve transformed the spaces and places we call our oasis. We celebrate our backyards.


They’re not just a little patch of land with some lawn chairs anymore. For some of us, they may barely be a porch or a postage stamp of concrete. But come to the end of the workweek, we transform them into Staycation Destination #1. We’ve mastered square foot gardens, vertical gardening, pallet furniture, the art of charcuterie, and giant lawn games. They’ve become our outdoor theaters with movies projected onto large screens under an open sky and Adirondack seating.

In the evenings, we seek our backyards to explore nature. We wait for the bees to collect their nectar. Our bird feeders attract birds of every size and color and, with them, furry creatures, too. We look to the skies at night, tracking satellites and identifying constellations. With luck, we will see a meteor shower or two.

Our backyards offer peaceful solitude, a restful escape for reading and napping, and a place for fellowship with friends and family. We’ve returned to our backyards to connect nature, to each other, and ourselves.


  • On National Backyard Day, celebrate the way you’ve turned your backyard into a perfect escape space.
  • Share how you’ve been spending time in your backyard space, large or small.
  • And no matter how you celebrate, be sure to spend some time in your backyard!
  • Use #NationalBackyardDay to share photos and stories on social media.

Spotlighting all of the simple, yet special backyard memories, ZYRTEC® created a video montage filled with the unexpected, creative ways families enjoyed their backyards this past year.


ZYRTEC® has always believed in the power of the backyard – whether right behind your home or a neighborhood park– and in 2020, backyards truly became a place of safety and happiness. On the anniversary of backyards becoming the green space to escape to, ZYRTEC® officially designated March 19, 2021, as the first-ever National Backyard Day.

Recognizing the importance of backyard spaces everywhere, in 2021 ZYRTEC® committed $50,000 to The Conservation Fund’s Parks with Purpose program. These funds will support the program’s partnership with neighborhood residents to transform neglected green spaces into vibrant parks, community gardens, and more, providing additional spaces for urban communities to enjoy what’s right in their own neighborhood.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Backyard Day to be observed on March 19, annually.

Backyard FAQ

Q. Can anyone celebrate #NationalBackyardDay?
A. Yes. Even if you don’t have a backyard, celebrate the outdoor spaces where you relax and enjoy nature and each other. It can be a porch, patio, balcony, park, community garden or another outdoor space.

Q. Were backyards always popular?
A. While many homeowners had back yards, they weren’t always the oasis today’s backyards have become. The end of World War II and migration to the suburbs transformed how we used that yard space behind the house. What once was a place to raise chickens and grow a garden became a place of social activity and leisure. These activities used to take place on the front porch, where passers-by would stop to visit and enjoy a hot or cool beverage. Today, we’ve moved from the front porch to the backyard and the social activities have expanded.

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