National Backyard Day - March 19th


Where would we be without our backyards? Backyards – whether right behind your home or a neighborhood park – are a place for fun, happiness and freedom. On March 19, we celebrate National Backyard Day and all the creative ways we embrace and enjoy our backyard.

From gardening to scavenger hunts to backyard campouts and homemade obstacle courses, these green spaces let us find solace and creativity outdoors. In celebration of all the simple, but special backyard memories from this past year and every year, we encourage everyone to celebrate #NationalBackyardDay.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBackyardDay

On National Backyard Day, share photos and stories of how you’ve been spending time in your backyard space with the hashtag #NationalBackyardDay. We want to see your backyard movie nights, impromptu soccer games and picnics in your local park.

Spotlighting all of the simple, yet special backyard memories, ZYRTEC® created a video montage filled with the unexpected, creative ways families enjoyed their backyards this past year.



ZYRTEC® has always believed in the power of the backyard – whether right behind your home or a neighborhood park– and in 2020, backyards truly became a place of safety and happiness. On the anniversary of backyards becoming the green space to escape to, ZYRTEC® officially designated March 19, 2021, as the first-ever National Backyard Day.

Recognizing the importance of backyard spaces everywhere, ZYRTEC® committed $50,000 to The Conversation Fund’s Parks with Purpose program in 2021. These funds will support the program’s partnership with neighborhood residents to transform neglected green spaces into vibrant parks, community gardens, and more, providing additional spaces for urban communities to enjoy what’s right in their own neighborhood.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Backyard Day to be observed on March 19, annually.

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