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NATIONAL TRADESMEN DAY – Third Friday in September


On the third Friday in September, National Tradesmen Day honors the men and women whose skills and hard work build America. Their skills keep it running strong. The day is dedicated to the professionals who maintain the complex infrastructure of our roads, cities, water systems, and power grids.
While these professionals work day in and out maintaining skills unique to their trade, our nation continues to operate smoothly without pause. The skills and knowledge of those in the trades keep businesses, homes and entire nations running. Whether walls go up or come down, roads cross rivers or the water flows, electricians, plumbers, masons, mechanics, carpenters and everyone in between ensures the job gets done.
Additionally, they pass on their skills to the next generation. Even though the industry changes, the need for it does not. In fact, as the country grows and qualified workers retire, the demand for skilled workers grows. Skilled trades is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the job market today. So, not only does their know-how keep the country going, but their salaries do, too. They’re a major influence on the economy. 
Their skills and jobs are so valuable, in fact, that training is available in nearly every sector of the skilled trade job market.  With their hands, their skills, their tools, and their training, they keep America running smoothly. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTradesmenDay

Honor a tradesman you know. If you’re interested in a skilled trade, visit www.skilledtrades.com to learn more. Show your appreciation and use #NationalTradesmenDay to post on social media.


Irwin Tools founded National Tradesmen Day in 2011 to honor the men and women who work every day with their hands to keep American running strong. Friday, September 16, 2011, was the inaugural National Tradesmen Day.

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