NATIONAL CONSTRUCTION APPRECIATION WEEK – Third Week in September – Monday through Friday

National Construction Appreciation Week - Third Week in September - Monday through Friday
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Construction Appreciation Week recognizes the dedicated, hard-working men and women instrumental in the development of our infrastructure. The truth is, construction contributes much more to our nation than job sites, orange cones, pouring concrete and traffic delays. This five-day tribute celebrates the sacrifice and tireless effort put forth to keep our country going.

From homes to highways to hospitals – the impact of the construction industry is everywhere you look. Without construction, there would be no transportation, manufacturing or commerce. Throughout the country, the industry affects the lives of every person in America. Likewise, the positive impact of those who work in the industry extends far beyond the boundaries of the job site.

It’s time for everyone to know what we’ve known all along: Construction is a valuable and rewarding career that deserves to be acknowledged!


With your help, National Construction Appreciation Week will become a national conversation that extends beyond the job site and into the homes and communities we help build.

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • Post your construction photos on social media using #ThanksForBuilding and #ConstructionAppreciationWeek
  • Share the official Construction Appreciation Week videos, featured stories, and graphics on social media.
  • Tell those you know in the industry you appreciate their work! It’s a tough job, and everyone deserves encouragement.
  • Speak positively about the construction happening in your community. Remember, construction workers strive to make your life better!
  • Share a positive construction story that affected your life.

In 2018, I Build America founded National Construction Appreciation Week to honor the dedicated men and women in the construction industry building America. Recognizing this foundational industry, the week seeks to open a dialogue concerning the communities they build.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Construction Appreciation Week to be annually observed the third week in September.


Launched in 2016 by HCSS CEO Mike Rydin, I Build America is an image-building movement dedicated to showing value that the men and women in construction bring to our modern life. Our purpose is to instill pride within the construction industry and inspire the next generation of young people by telling the story of American construction. We are the only organization solely dedicated to promoting the construction industry while fostering a sense of respect for the talented professionals who are part of it. Our movement aims to bring together the entire industry, regardless of company size or specialty, with one unified message: I Build America.


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