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National Time Refund Day - February 29


National Time Refund Day celebrates that one day every four years, February 29th, when we get back something notoriously hard to reclaim: time.

While the observance may have come to be as a way of correcting the cosmos for our calendars, since we get the time back, we may as well make meaningful use of it. In fact, setting something aside in the hopes we can someday reclaim it is an idea that resonates well with Americans.

Another less glamorous day inspired this time giving day: Tax Day. But both operate on the same simple principle, whereby we put something aside, sometimes begrudgingly, but reclaim it in one glorious day. That one glorious day every four years where we get our time back is Time Refund Day.


Time Refund Day is all about reclaiming our time. That means you can celebrate it by doing the things you enjoy most! Spend time with family, volunteer, start a new book, go outside, or work on something you may procrastinate on other days of the year, like doing your taxes or bathing your dog.

But whatever you do, remember that it’s all about making the best use of that refund. We can’t create more time, but we’re fortunate to get some back. Use it wisely, and be sure to use #TimeRefundDay to share on social media.


HR Block Tax Pro Go GraphicH&R Block founded National Time Refund Day to encourage people to make the best of their time refund on Leap Day.

According to a survey from H&R Block, Americans crave more free time with 70% of respondents saying they would spend money if that could buy them more time.

H&R Block’s virtual tax product, Tax Pro Go, saves Americans valuable time by providing expert tax prep without the office visit. Instead of doing their taxes, taxpayers can spend that time doing something they enjoy while an H&R Block tax expert trained to handle their unique situation does the rest. It’s like a time refund.

While the celebration is every four years, it’s a gentle reminder to value the extra time and returns in life.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Time Refund Day in 2020 to be observed on the Leap Day (February 29th) every four (4) years.

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