National Tater Tot Day - February 2


On February 2nd, National Tater Tot Day recognizes a kitchen staple. In the United States, we consume approximately 3.5 billion of these nuggets of potato goodness per year.

These bite-sized bits of golden deliciousness created from the scraps from making French fries once were used to feed cattle. But how do the cast-offs from making French fries become the bite-sized, kitchen-friendly morsels we love to devour today? Through persistence and ingenuity, of course!

Two brothers, Nephi and Golden Grigg, along with their brother-in-law started dabbling in frozen food when they rented a plant on the Oregon and Idaho borders in 1934. The focused on making French fries, but the waste fed to cattle seemed excessive. Was there a way to reduce the excess? Maybe, but instead they chose to create a product from the excess. Not only did the scrapped and shredded bits form into tasty bites when blanched and fried, but they also fit into their product line, too. They froze well, could be baked and were delicious! By 1952, they purchased the plant, forming the Oregon Frozen Foods Company that would later become Ore-Ida.

Seasoned with spices or baked into a casserole, tater tots make a meal, side dish, or a snack celebration. We dip them, pop them, or just savor them.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalTaterTotDay

What’s your favorite way to enjoy tater tots? We offer a variety of ideas to celebrate the day.

  • Add them to a burrito.
  • Make a potato version of nachos by adding your favorite toppings to partially cooked tots and then heating through.
  • Create a tater tot buffet with a variety of dips and seasonings.
  • Add tater tots to your burger.
  • Top a homemade pizza with tater tots.
  • Tater tots and eggs go well together.
  • Build a kabab using vegetables and marinated meat.

Share your recipes and pictures by using #NationalTaterTotDay on social media.


John-Bryan Hopkins created the observance in 2009.

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