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For something delicious, February 2 of each year recognizes National Tater Tot Day.

These bite-sized nuggets of golden potato goodness created from the left over bits from making French fries that used to feed cattle

How do the cast-offs from making French fries become the bite-sized nuggets of golden potato goodness we love to devour today? Through persistence and ingenuity.

Two brothers, Nephi and Golden Grigg, along with their brother-in-law started dabbling in frozen food when they rented a plant on the Oregon and Idaho borders in 1934. By 1952, they purchased the plant, forming the Oregon Frozen Foods Company that would later become Ore-Ida.

Seasoned with spices or baked into a casserole, tater tots make a meal, side dish or snack a celebration. We dip them, pop them, or just savor them.


What’s your favorite way to enjoy tater tots? Share your recipes and pictures by using #NationalTaterTotDay on social media.


John-Bryan Hopkins created National Tater Tot Day in 2009.

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