National Sticky Bun Day - February 21


National Sticky Bun Day on February 21st recognizes a delicious pastry that comes rolled up and dripping with a sweet, sugary topping. They’re perfect with a hot cup of coffee in the morning or as an after-dinner sweet!

Known as “schnecken” meaning snail, the sticky bun is rolled into a sweet spiral resembling its German name. Still considered to be a Pennsylvania specialty, many believed the sticky bun’s origin in the United States began in the 19th century. German settlers brought their baking traditions with them when they began settling in and around Philadelphia.

Most often served for breakfast or as a dessert, sticky buns consist of rolled pieces of leavened dough. Most contain brown sugar and sometimes cinnamon. Before the dough is placed in the pan, the pan is lined with sticky sweet ingredients such as maple syrup, honey, nuts, sugar, and butter. When the buns are finished baking, the baker flips the pan upside-down so the sticky bottom becomes the topping.

Famous cousins to the sticky bun are the cinnamon roll, caramel roll and monkey bread. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalStickyBunDay

If you are craving this delicious sticky delight, try making some of your own with one of these sticky bun recipes. You can also stop by your local bakery and pick up their freshly baked sticky buns. Serve them with tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. 

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Easy Caramel Sticky Buns
Ice Cream Sticky Buns

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While enjoying a sticky bun, we’ll continue researching the origin of this sweet day. 

Sticky Bun FAQ

Q. What kinds of nuts are best on sticky buns?
A. Pecans and walnuts are quite popular in sticky bun recipes.

Q. What kinds of spices usually go into sticky buns?
A. Common (and delicious) spices that usually go into sticky bun recipes include cinnamon, ginger, and star anise.

Q. Can I freeze leftover sticky buns?
A. We’re not sure what a leftover sticky bun is, but yes, you can freeze sticky buns. Wrap them well and place them in a freezer-safe container.