NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving

(Last Updated On: February 1, 2023)

NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving

The Sunday after Thanksgiving, we celebrate national Secondhand Sunday to embrace secondhand gifting, while supporting secondhand sellers and circular fashion during the peak holiday shopping season.


With the holiday shopping season in full swing, National Secondhand Sunday offers consumers a chance to embrace and reshape the perception of secondhand gifting. Today, we want to encourage everyone to consider a secondhand gift for everyone on their list.

Why Shop Secondhand?

Now, more than ever, there is both a need and a willingness to embrace the power of secondhand gifting. In a recent 2022 survey conducted by Morning Consult, more than 90 percent of U.S. adults are open to receiving a secondhand or resale gift this holiday season. In addition, more than half of those say they are very open to receiving something secondhand.

The environmental benefits of shopping secondhand are also undeniable. Replacing just one new gift with a secondhand item has an impact on the environment. For example, gifting a vintage leather tote bag instead of purchasing a new one could save as much as 17,000 liters of water. That amount is what a single person would drink over 23 years!

Join the national movement to make secondhand shopping a regular practice. In doing so, you will make choices that support individual economic empowerment, social connection, and environmental sustainability.

Time for Secondhand to Shine

Two out of five consumers are concerned inflation will make holiday shopping more expensive this year. Incidentally, the notion of shopping, selling, and gifting secondhand is gaining in popularity and for undeniable reasons. Some of the top reasons people choose secondhand gifts are:

  • Supports local communities and individual sellers.
  • Promotes environmental sustainability.
  • Access great deals.
  • Allows you to find unique items that may not be available on store shelves.
  • Provides an opportunity to connect on a more personal level when you shop from individual resellers.

National Secondhand Sunday is not just for shoppers. This shopping day is for sellers, too. Secondhand sellers range from the casual side-hustler who wants to supplement their income, to individuals who have turned reselling into a full-time business. Regardless of where you might fall on the reseller spectrum, the opportunity to earn extra money to pay for your holiday gifts brings this movement full circle.

Benefits of Secondhand Shopping

  • Helps to minimize the fast-fashion cycle and better the planet.
  • Ability to find unique, one-of-a-kind items across multiple categories.
  • Makes luxury and high-end items more accessible and affordable to shoppers.
  • Greater variety of sizes, fits and style options. 
  • Opportunity to support individual resellers.
  • It’s fun! Online resale companies and platforms are more popular than ever, making it easy to get started.

Shopping secondhand can be a fun experience! Online resale companies and platforms are more popular than ever- making it easy to browse, ask questions, and even negotiate a better price.

Expert Tips for Secondhand Shopping

Learn the lingo if you are looking for high-dollar items. Researching words that identify brands names, designers, and quality material will help you narrow down your season and beyond.


National Day Calendar announces the founding of National Secondhand Sunday to be celebrated the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This new National Day was submitted and approved in 2022 on behalf of Poshmark, the leading social marketplace for resale and secondhand items. Poshmark has taken charge of the social marketplace by empowering sellers, while giving buyers a more sustainable and unique alternatives during the holiday season and beyond.

After establishing National Secondhand Sunday, Poshmark has set out to highlight the economic and environmental benefits of choosing secondhand items during the holidays. The company is fostering the movement to instill sustainable shopping habits year-round. They chose the Sunday after Thanksgiving because it lands within range of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season–Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. In addition, Sunday is the busiest shopping day for Poshmark, so it was fitting to choose celebration of this National Day on a Sunday, too.

About Poshmark

Poshmark is a leading social marketplace for new and secondhand style for women, men, kids, pets, home and more. By combining the human connection of physical shopping with the scale, ease, and selection benefits of e-commerce, they are making buying and selling simple, social, and sustainable. With a community of more than 80 million registered users across the U.S., Canada, Australia, and India, Poshmark is driving the future of commerce and promoting more sustainable consumption.

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