NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving

NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving
NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving

NATIONAL SECONDHAND SUNDAY | Sunday after Thanksgiving

During the Sunday after Thanksgiving, we celebrate National Secondhand Sunday to courage secondhand shopping and learn about the benefits shopping secondhand has on the economy and environment.


With the holiday shopping season is in full swing, National Secondhand Sunday offers consumers an chance to reshape the perception and stigma of shopping for secondhand gifts. Today, we want everyone to give secondhand shopping an a shot. Instead of buying something new, join the national movement to make secondhand shopping normal.

In the United States, more than 85% of textiles are thrown away or dumped into landfills every year. Wasted energy and natural resources from creating new products is slowly depleting our natural resources. For example, it takes about 1,800 gallons of water to make a single pair of jeans. In addition, manufacturing company emissions release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. Buying secondhand significantly reduces the use of natural resources, such as oil, deforestation, water, and greenhouse gasses.

Stigma of Secondhand Shopping

The idea of purchasing secondhand has always been associated with people who could not afford new things. In fact, too many people believe buying secondhand puts them in a lower social class. However, purchasing secondhand can be a fun way to turn your shopping experience a treasure hunt. The trend to purchase secondhand is more popular today because purchases have become a part of a lifestyle shift.

In the past few years, secondhand shopping has become more popular. Whether you’re buying or selling, finding a bargain and being environmentally sustainable at the same time has enormous appeal. Today, you can purchase items online, in boutiques or thrift stores, or at a garage sale for a fraction of cost of a new item.

Benefits of Secondhand Shopping

  • Affordability to purchase high-dollar products not otherwise available to purchase.
  • Saves money for the consumer.
  • Better size options.
  • Ability to find unique, one-of-a kind items.
  • Supports the environment through recycling.
  • Contributes to a charity or good cause.

The appeal of shopping secondhand can be a fun experience. And, like all purchase, most people who shop second hand are normally searching for a specific item. You need patience when shopping for a secondhand item because unlike a department store, you might have to search a while for the item you are looking for. Having a little self-control is also important when secondhand shopping. This is more prevalent when you start coming across items you didn’t expect to find, but are affordable enough to purchase.

Expert Tips for Secondhand Shopping

  • Research local secondhand shops before visiting, especially if you are looking for a specific item.
  • Dress appropriately if you plan on trying things on. Some secondhand stores do not have dressing rooms.
  • Learn the lingo if you are looking for high-dollar items. Researching words that identify brands names, designers, and quality material is helpful.
  • Look at everything in an isle. Twice. You might miss an item by accident. Take your time and look at all your options.
  • Negotiate. Many secondhand stores and garage sales will negotiate a price. However, don’t undercut by too much. Secondhand items are already marked down and the price might be extremely fair.
  • Pay with cash when shopping in-store. This will help you keep control your budget and impulse purchase.
  • Share your photos and videos on social media using #NationalSecondhandSunday.


National Day Calendar announces the founding of National Secondhand Sunday to be celebrated the Sunday after Thanksgiving. This new National Day was submitted and approved in 2022 on behalf of Poshmark, the leading social marketplace for resale and secondhand items. Poshmark is leading the charge by empowering sellers, while giving buyers a more sustainable and unique alternatives during the holiday season and beyond.

After establishing National Secondhand Sunday, Poshmark has set out to highlight the economic and environmental benefits of choosing secondhand items during the holidays, while fostering a movement to instill sustainable shopping habits year-round. The company chose the Sunday after Thanksgiving because it lands within range of the biggest shopping days of the holiday season–Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. In addition, Sunday is the busiest shopping day for Poshmark, so it was fitting to choose celebration of this National Day on a Sunday, too.

About Poshmark

Poshmark was founded 10 years ago to pioneer a new way to shop. Since then, the resale market continues to rise in popularity. They sell secondhand items online ranging from clothing and accessories to electronics and home goods. Their goal is to make shopping secondhand the new normal. They currently have a community of more than 80 million users reshaping the stigma of secondhand shopping. They also offer their community members the options to sell items. In fact, they have several options to choose from to buy and sell. Even though the majority of their platform is for women, they offer options for men, too.

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