National Novel Writing Month - November
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


Each year in November, writers set forth the task of completing a novel during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). It’s a challenge most writers strive to undertake at least once in their lifetime, even if they never intend to publish it.

Have you ever thought about writing a book, but couldn’t find the willpower to dive in? Well, here’s your sign to do it now. National Novel Writing Month, also known as NaNoWriMo, is a month designated for writers to take time out of each day to add to their story, so they can start and finish writing a novel in just 30 days. The goal is to take a fun, creative approach to creative writing while giving it a time limit to make sure you finish what you start!

The challenge also comes with write-ins, resources, and worldwide access to millions of other writers all facing the same struggles you do.


Try to write your own novel. Use #NovelWritingMonth to post on social media. Get serious about it and register online by clicking here. Otherwise, track your progress on your own (but it’s more fun to do it with other writers). The only rule is, you must start your novel on November 1, and have it finished by 11:59 pm on November 30. If you want to start writing but aren’t quite sure where to begin, here are a few tips for beginners when it comes to writing a novel.

Get Writing
  1. Organize, organize, organize. Find a little space in your home that you can designate just for writing, organize all the tools you’ll need right there, and make it creative!
  2. How are you going to do the writing? Do you prefer to handwrite everything, or would you rather type? Whichever you choose, make sure you have everything you’ll need to take that route.
  3. Gather your gear. Add a large notepad, a laptop, sticky notes, a variety of pens and pencils, and maybe even a bulletin board to your writing space so you’re prepared and motivated.
  4. Get inspired and brainstorm. Do you have something you’ve been dying to write about, or do you still need to come up with an idea? Put on some good music and let your creative juices flow.
  5. How are you going to promote yourself? Have an idea in mind of how you’re going to publish (if you plan to) and how you are going to get the word about your new novel. Start marketing!
  6. Create your outline. Even if it’s just a basic skeleton, create a basic outline of what you want your story to look like so you have something to refer back to if you ever get writer’s block.
  7. Start writing and hold yourself accountable to work on your novel even if you aren’t always in the mood. Pushing yourself creatively could make for an amazing story, and will help your brain’s health overall!


Freelance writer Chris Baty started National Novel Writing Month in July of 1999. It was moved to November in 2000.

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