National Library Card Sign-Up Month - September
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


As kids head back to school, there’s no better time for them to discover the treasures awaiting them in the local library. September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month!

A library card can be a rite of passage for your child, giving them a sense of obligation and responsibility. As a library patron, children learn the importance of caring for things that belong to others. Children take the essential early step in their development when they obtain their library card and become a conscientious member of the community.

Visiting your local library also encourages your child to read. Reading helps brain development and provides a solid foundation of the language and literacy skills. Opening a book encourages children to travel to far away places and let their imagination sore. Develop reading as a hobby early and young for every child.

Libraries of the World

The world’s oldest running library is the St. Catherine’s Monastery in the Sinai, Egypt. It was built in the mid-6th century C.E. And, the Vatican houses the most extensive collection of religious material in the world. When the Great Library of Alexandria burned down (circa 640 C.E.) among the great works believed to have been lost was the private collection of Aristotle.

The U.S. Library of Congress houses over 150 million items as the world’s largest library. This accomplishment takes up to 830 miles of shelves. In contrast, only one person at a time fits in the world’s smallest library on the streets of New York. The reader can choose from just 40 books


Visit your local library to get your library card today. You might also enjoy volunteering at your local library to read to children.

Use #LibraryCardSignUpMonth in your social media correspondence.

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In 1987, the American Library Association funded the first Library Card Sign-Up Month.

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