National Lager Day | December 10
(Last Updated On: December 6, 2022)

National Lager Day on December 10th raises a glass to the third most popular beverage after water and tea. While lager is typically characterized as a light, summer beer we believe that every season deserves to be celebrated with a few of your favorite things.


Lagers are distinguished from other beers by using a cold-conditioning process. The types of yeast used are referred to as “bottom-fermenting” yeast or yeast that can develop at colder temperatures. Before the advent of refrigeration, brewers perfected this process in cellars dug into the ground and filled with ice. Those who taste the delicious results described the lager as “crisp” and “refreshing.” It is no wonder that this method caught on and produced a wide variety of brews synonymous with regional and national brands.

With so many choices from pale, amber or dark, not to mention the many craft varieties there is are endless possibilities for your enjoyment. So, grab some friends and celebrate this midwinter season with the taste of Summer.


National Lager Day offers a variety of ways to celebrate. You can start by ordering a flight to discover delicious new lagers. While you do that, invite a few friends to join you. We know that’s one of the best ways to Celebrate Every Day!

  • At home, you can explore homebrew lagers.
  • Learn about the brewing process firsthand by taking a tour of a local brewery. The brewmasters invest a lot of time in getting their lagers just right and take a lot of pride in their craft. 
  • Do some reading. We suggest the Little Book of Lager: A guide to the world’s most popular style of beer by Melissa Cole or A Brief History of Lager: 500 Years of the World’s Favourite Beer by Mark Dredge.  
  • Bake some homemade beer bread. Try this Veggie Beer Bread recipe and enjoy it with your favorite lager. 

While enjoying your favorite lager, order a pair of beer socks for you and your friends. Be sure to use #NationalLagerDay to post a photo of you wearing them on social media.

Order another pint and discover 5 Surprising Beer Changed the World, too. 

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Lager FAQ

Q. Is there a difference between lager and beer?
A. No. Lager is a type of beer made from yeasts, cold and bottom fermented.

Q. Is there a difference between ale and lager?
A. Yes. Several differences between these beers make them unique.

The first and most distinct difference is the types of yeast used to make lager vs. ale. The yeast in ale is Saccharomyces cerevisiae. If ale smells like baked bread to you, that is why. It’s the same species of yeast. However, the yeast used in lager, Saccharomyces pastorianus, prefers a cold fermenting process which leads us to another difference between the two beers. A lager requires a cold phase called cold conditioning. The process can last weeks to months depending on the variety. Lagers are also fermented cold while ales are fermented warm.


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