5 Surprising Ways Beer Changed the World
(Last Updated On: October 23, 2020)


5 Surprising Ways Beer Changed the World – What is it about beer? Sure it is one of the most consumed beverages people drink. Yes, it is an alcoholic beverage, too. Oddly enough, though, water and tea preceded beer in consumption. But, what is it about beer that so many enjoy, and maybe the better question would be which type or style of beer is most popular?

The short answer to that question is that the most popular style would be subjective to the individual consumer. Rather than chase that subjective question down the rabbit hole, let’s consider how beer has changed the world with these 5 observations.

1. Beer Feeds The World 

According to some, beer is the reason man went from being nomadic to that of an agricultural lifestyle. Specifically, man stumbled upon fermenting beer, and man liked this newfound stumbling. As such, man decided the need for more fermenting supplies required more supplies. Yes, that sounds circular in thinking. However, consider beer makes man smarter(more on that later), and the need for more fermentation supplies caused man to stumble upon farming.

2. Beer Leads To Money

As important as beer is today, imagine just how important beer supplies were back-in-the-day when stumbling through your barley field revealed great wealth. Yes, and here is the thing about that wealth: which is easier to trade, a barley field, or money? Money, of course. But, money had yet to be implemented by nomadic farmers of ancient civilization. Enter the Romans. Barley for fermentation of beer was so important to ancient Rome that they created the Barley coin. That is correct; silver and gold were first minted by ancient Romans into coins to honor barley. No longer did man have to trade barley; he could now buy beer himself without going through the entire fermentation process.

3. Beer Discovers America

Yes, that one is hard to believe, so we will leave you with this . . . A quote from a journal entry of one Mayflower passenger, “We could not now take time for further search… our victuals being much spent, especially our beer…” leaves little doubt the Pilgrims had to find land, NOW! Yes, they could easily have sailed on while eating the very supply seeds of fermentation they carried on their journey, but they did not. As history records, Plymouth Rock was sighted, and the Pilgrims landed. A new civilization was born, and beer moved into the suburbs. And of course, another of the 5 surprising ways beer changed the world.

4. Beer Leads To The Suburban Lifestyle

Now that man is in the new world with plenty of land and money to buy beer, not all needed to grow beer supplies. So man built cities. Over time these cities became crowded, suburbs became the answer as people longed to get closer to the open country. Which is odd considering man built cities, but that is how beer works at making man intelligent.

5. Beer Makes Man Smart

As promised above, beer makes man smart. Need proof? Recall for a moment how beer has been around for a very long time. Consider now that you are reading this on an electronic device of some kind. Interesting, huh? Or, consider cave drawings. We know man did not use Photoshop to do that. Finally, the moon landings. Need it be pointed out it wasn’t the cavemen who landed on the moon. Beer – The one common denominator throughout all of history. With all of the things that come and go, hairstyles, clothing design, civilizations, it is beer man keeps close at his side. Talk about smart.

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