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National Joygerm Day - January 8


January 8th annually recognizes National JoyGerm Day. National JoyGerm Day was created as a day to remind people across the country that by being positive and treating people with kindness, they can influence those around them and pass that positive attitude on to others. When we share good moods, we impact the lives of people around us and those people become infected with that same positive joy and spread it to others. 

Laugh, smile, be kind, inspire and spread the one type of germ that is good for everyone to catch!


Throughout the day, see how often you can spread the JoyGerm! Use #NationalJoygermDay to post on social media.


Founded in 1981 by a rather joyful and exuberant woman, Joan White, National Joygerm Day spread infectiously across the nation through TV interviews, radio shows, newsletters, magazines, postcards, hug coupons and well, the pure joy of its founder. She tells National Day Calendar, Joygerms LTD’s members are in all 50 states and there are more than 180,000 card-carrying members around the world.  Yes, Joygerms get free membership cards.  But seriously, she spreads her Joygerms to others through this day and many other ways as well.  Even in a simple e-mail, she evokes a smile and glee that is contagious and for which there is hopefully no known cure.  

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