Marlo Anderson National Day Calendar
(Last Updated On: March 31, 2023)

Bored Calendar Enthusiasts Successfully Prank the World and Major News Outlets

March 31, 2023 – In an unexpected turn of events, the creators of the National Day Calendar have come forward to reveal that their entire project was an elaborate April Fools’ joke. Recognized as the authority for National Days, the quirky calendar intended to convince the world to celebrate the most obscure and random things.

Over the years, the National Day Calendar has become the go-to source for special days throughout the year. They have been endorsed by over 20,000 local and national news outlets, including CBS Sunday Morning, NBC Nightly News, Time, and the Wall Street Journal.

The founder of National Day Calendar, Marlo Anderson, has appeared on hundreds of authoritative news outlets, promoting the quirky holidays his creation has inspired. In a shocking twist, Anderson has now admitted that the calendar and the subsequent celebrations were all part of a well-orchestrated prank, masterminded by a group of bored calendar enthusiasts known as the “Calendar Crew.”


The “Calendar Crew”, comprised of Nick Ressler, Alice Anderson, Amy Monette, Doug Philp, Beau Hastings, Chris VandeVenter, Kris Haug, and Bonnie Fitzpatrick, had initially planned for the April Fool’s joke to last just a few years. But, as the National Day Calendar gained traction and millions of people embraced the unique holidays, they decided to keep the prank running.

The group has expressed their surprise at the extent to which their creation has become an integral part of popular culture, with widespread celebrations of days such as National Bobblehead Day, National French Fry Day, and the most recent, National Bucket List Day.

Despite the revelation, many people have expressed their intention to continue celebrating the quirky holidays, emphasizing the joy and fun they bring to their lives. The “Calendar Crew” has thanked the public for their good humor and has hinted that they may have more surprises in store.

As the world reacts to this astonishing news, the legacy of the National Day Calendar seems set to live on. People are still choosing to celebrate the unique days it has inspired, even after knowing that it all began as an elaborate joke. The prank’s success also raises questions about the credibility of the many news outlets that have endorsed the calendar over the years, proving that even the most reputable sources can fall prey to a well-executed joke.

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