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April 24 celebrates National Bucket List Day to remind us it’s never too late to set new goals, go on a dream vacation, and inspire people around you to enjoy life to the fullest.


By definition, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to do, but has never experienced before. Some people refer to them as milestones, while other people refer to them as goals. Whatever you call them, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to accomplish before they die.

What Is A Bucket List?

A bucket list is the list you create to make the most out of life. It is a list of goals, dreams, and aspirations you would like to accomplish before you pass away. The basic meaning of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals by making yourself accountable to achieve all you want in life. The purpose of a bucket list is to encourage ourselves to accomplish goals within in a specific timeframe.

Our time on earth is short. Very few of us pause to think about how we spend what time we have. Creating a bucket list can help you live your life to the fullest. It also gives you the opportunity to appreciate the life you have and reflect on the good things to come.

Bucket List Ideas

A bucket list can be anything you want it to be. Your bucket list should reflect your interests. In fact, we’re guessing there are no two lists alike. If you are a simple person, create a bucket list that reflects the simple pleasures in life. If you gravitate towards extravagant things or love to travel, your list will more than likely consist of ideas that require more of a financial investment.

Simple Bucket List Ideas

  • Graduating from high school or college.
  • Having children.
  • Buying a home.
  • Becoming a freelance photographer.
  • Participating in a painting club.

Extravagant Bucket List Ideas

  • Go on a cruise.
  • Visit the Rainforest.
  • Visit all the continents in the world.
  • Visit historical landmarks across the country.
  • Ride a hot air balloon.

Travel Bucket List

  • Travel to Europe.
  • See the ancient Mayan ruins.
  • Visit Egyptian tombs.
  • Travel Route 66.
  • Visit all the state parks in North America.

Finding Gratitude

Living a life of gratitude is key to living a well-rounded life, full of happiness and satisfaction. Gratitude allows you to find every day moments and turn them into long-term fulfillment. Completing items on your bucket list will help you realize the opportunity you have been given as you experience life-changing moments you thought might never happen. Enjoy the ride and show gratitude for the adventure you have in this life.


  • Be brave and have some fun by learning to paint, drive a race car, skydive, surf, or jump off a cliff.
  • Sample local food and drink during your travels.
  • Create a bucket list with a friend that you both can enjoy.
  • Watch the movie Bucket List, staring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman.
  • Pay it forward with a bucket list that allows you to donate time to an orphanage, local soup kitchen, or food pantry.
  • Share your videos and photos on social media from your bucket list adventures using #NationalBucketListDay.


National Day Calendar and Cindy Rhodes of Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours and the Bucket List Coach Web Show formed a collaboration to create National Bucket List Day to be celebrated each year on April 24. Using her own personal bucket list, Cindy thought the ultimate bucket list item for 2023 would be to have her own National Day.

National Bucket List Day is a day focusing around gratitude for your own life and experiences. Cindy believes everyone should get out and experience life to the fullest. Share your gratitude for the things you have and create experiences not things with friends, colleagues and family!

About the Founder

Cindy Rhodes is a travel blogger and agent by day and a National Day Calendar Celebration Ambassador by night. In her mid-forties, she realized life was passing her by and was merely existing. She knew that had to change. She began creating bucket lists of things she wanted to do and experience, making the most of the dash. Along the way, she remembers to show gratitude for every experience she has.

Do not wait till you retire to experience the world! Tomorrow is not promised. CELEBRATE EVERY DAY!

Cindy Lee

Cindy believes people should start making it their personal mission to create bucket lists as early as possible. In fact, she encourages bucket lists for anyone, whether they are 20 years old or 90 years old. Recently, Cindy started a National Day Calendar Bucket List.

Since becoming a Celebration Ambassador, Cindy has learned to incorporate National Day Calendar into her daily business plans. In fact, she uses National Days to grow her business. One way she shares her gratitude is sending gifts to clients and friends on specific National Days throughout the year. Read Cindy’s Blog to learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.

Learn how to use National Days to grow your business with Cindy’s Growing Referrals and National Day Calendar Guide.

Annual National Bucket List Day Vacation

Join Bucket List Coach Travel & Tours on the annual trip celebrating national days/months.

2023 – National Bucket List Day Cruise:

  • April 22- 29th sail from Long Beach, California to the Mexico Rivera. This cruise celebrating:
    • National Brunch Month
    • National Humor Month
    • National Volunteer Month by giving back at an orphanage in Puerto Vallarta
    • National Guitar Month at Cabo Wabo
    • National Prime Rib Day on the Carnival Panorama
    • International Pay It Forward Day

Upcoming Dates

  • 2024: New Orleans Bucket List & Cruise
  • 2025 Miami: Bucket List and Cruise
  • 2026: France: Bucket Listing & Grape Stomping 

Read Cindy’s National Bucket List Day Blog to learn about different ideas on
checking off your bucket list.

Learn how you can use National Days to grow your business.
“Growing Your Business Through Referrals and National Days”

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