National Country Cooking Month – June

National Country Cooking Month - June
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


June kicks off National Country Cooking Month and a time when we spend more time with family. Whether we’re taking vacations or visiting relatives, we almost always get to savor some country cooking.

Digging into the stick-to-your-ribs biscuits and gravy for breakfast always starts the day off right. Don’t forget fried chicken with some watermelon and green beans on the side at lunch. Wrap up the day with a good ol’ barbeque and a little bit of apple pie and homemade ice cream.

But there’s so much more to country cooking. There are soul and heart that goes into it. And a whole lot of love, too. The people who cook the meals we love the most have been making them for our parents and sometimes our grandparents, also. We pass the recipes and the techniques done from generation to generation.

In each serving, we add the seasoning of love and good memories. That’s what country cooking is all about.


Grab a plate full of country cooking this month. Get in the kitchen and share your favorite recipes by using #CountryCookingMonth on social media.

If you need some ideas, visit the National Day Calendar recipe page. We have plenty of country recipes to share!


National Country Cooking Month has been observed since 2017.


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