National Countdown Day | March 21
(Last Updated On: March 17, 2023)


3…2…1…National Countdown Day on March 21 ticks down the minutes, seconds, or days to events big and small.

3…2…1. July 16, 1969, Apollo 11 launches into the atmosphere carrying the crew for the first moon landing.

3…2…1. Y2K, everyone partied like it was 1999 until the new millennium arrived.

3…2…1. January 19, 2013, Marlo Anderson quietly launched a website called National Day Calendar.

3…2…1…it is 5 o’clock somewhere!


On National Countdown Day, 03/21, we can start a countdown to just about anything. Around the office, we countdown to the next celebration every day! It is also a day to consider past and present countdowns of significance.

Recently, parts of the United States counted down to August 21, 2017, to a total solar eclipse. The event created road trip opportunities for those within driving distance. It also created science party lessons on rooftops in the path of the eclipse. And it was a memorable countdown, indeed. Did you miss it? Start your countdown for April 8, 2024. This solar eclipse will cover parts of Mexico, Central and Northeastern United States, and just a bit of Canada.


Since royal weddings draw a lot of attention, countdowns are an essential part of the draw. The fanfare and commitment to tradition remind us of storybook weddings. There are several royal weddings to recall: Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer on July 29, 1981; Prince William and Catherine Middleton, April 29, 2011; Prince Harry and Meghan Markle on May 19, 2018.

Another British countdown that kept the world interested was the countdown to Brexit.


Some favorite countdowns in the U.S. lead to opening days – this could be the opening day of baseball, racing, the swimming pool, or hunting season. However, the countdown to tax day, election day, or even the closing bell can be a positive or ominous one. Of course, it all depends on the outcome. Sometimes one countdown even depends on the results of the other countdowns!


Now, countdowns to summer break may be started as early as September 1 or as late as spring break. Those who motor on two wheels like to countdown to Sturgis. Other sports enthusiasts like to countdown to March Madness, Gameday, and Olympic Opening Ceremonies. There is also the countdown to the final buzzer of every game! However, there are sports with no time limit and therefore no countdown to end the game. Can you name one?


  • Start a countdown to something significant to you.
  • Start your countdown, whether you are counting down to a homecoming or a wedding, to your last chemo treatment or your graduation.
  • Share your countdown with others. What will you countdown to?
  • We also want to know how you countdown. Do you use an app or do you have a creative dance?
  • What is the next big countdown in your life?
  • On National 321 Day, share all your countdowns using #321Day on social media. 321…go!
  • Educators, visit the National Day Calendar® Classroom for projects and ideas to help you Celebrate Every Day.


In 2018, National Day Calendar® proclaimed National Countdown Day to celebrate all the ways people countdown to important moments in our lives.

Countdown FAQ

Q. Can anyone celebrate National Countdown Day?
A. Yes! Whether you count down the days to a special event or the minutes to the end of the week, there’s always something to countdown to.

Q. Are there apps that can track a countdown?
A. Yes. A variety of apps track countdowns.

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