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National Day Calendar Classroom - Week 30 - March 17, 2019


As the middle of March passes us by and spring has us thinking of fairer weather, the National Day Calendar Classroom is counting down the days to spring and got us thinking. Maybe we should do a National Countdown Day project. This simple project can be used to count down to a test or to summer break. Have fun and be inspired!

Each week, the classroom offers trivia and puzzles to keep the class interesting all week long. 

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National Countdown Day Project


  • Construction paper or card stock – cut into 1-inch strips
  • Markers
  • Glue or tape

Cut as many strips of paper as there are days left to your goal. (The goal may be graduation, a test, the big game, or even a surprise!) Write on the strips an inspirational quote, joke or memory to share. 

Tape or glue the ends of the first strip of paper together with the words face inward. Take the next strip of paper and slip it through the ring created by the first piece of paper and tape or glue the ends together. Repeat until you’ve completed a chain.  

*For countdowns that have fewer days than students, add extra loops to various days, so every student is included and continue the chain on an extra loop. 

Each day of your count down, select a different student to take a loop off the chain and read what was written on it. For the days that have multiple loops, select multiple students. 


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