Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day | September 16
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


On September 16th, National Cinnamon Raisin Bread Day warms the home and the heart with delicious goodness. In bakeries across the country, we request cinnamon raisin bread more often than many others.  Naturally sweet, the aroma created from baking this bread will make anyone’s mouth water.


Cinnamon raisin bread toasts nicely and pairs well with several toppings. Homemade apple butter, cream cheese or sliced pears bring this baked good to a whole new level. Eat it for breakfast or snack.

Quote mark“Have you tried the cinnamon things?” Poppet asks.
“They’re rather new. What are they called, Widge?”
“Fantastically delicious cinnamon things?”
from The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern

Another delicious way to use cinnamon raisin bread is by making French toast. Wisk up eggs, milk, vanilla, and nutmeg in a bowl. Dip the bread in the batter and let it soak up the egg mixture. Fry each piece on a hot griddle. Serve with fresh fruit and maple syrup and your morning will start off amazingly!

The same idea can be applied to an egg bake, too. When prepared ahead, egg bakes made with cinnamon raisin bread easily feed a large family or guests for the weekend. You’ll impress everyone with a cinnamony sweet dish like that.


Stop at a local bakery or make some homemade. Either way, be sure to share with someone you care about. That’s the best way to #CelebrateEveryDay! Use #CinnamonRaisinBreadDay when posting on social media.


National Day Calendar’s research is still seeking the source of this food holiday.

Cinnamon Raisin FAQ

Q. What other breads include cinnamon and raisins in the ingredients?
A. Many bread recipes call for cinnamon and raisins to spice up the flavor. Here are just a few:

  • English muffins
  • Coffee Cake
  • Muffins
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Biscuits


September 16th Celebrated History


Oliver Wendell Holmes writes the poem “Old Ironsides” in tribute to the frigate the USS Constitution. At the time the poem was written, the Navy was on the verge of scrapping the legendary ship. However, public support for saving and preserving it won the military over. It was retired in 1855 and now is a floating monument in Boston.


Aboard the Beagle, Charles Darwin arrives at the Galapagos Islands. His visit would have a profound impact on the naturalist and the formation of his Theory of Natural Selection.


William Crapo Durant establishes General Motors, bringing several small automobile manufacturers under a single holding company. The concept served the industry well and included Oldsmobile, Cadillac, Buick and Oakland.


Congress grants a federal charter to the American Legion. The service organization is comprised of military veterans.


The first peacetime draft in the United States becomes law when Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs the Selective Training and Service Act. The act required all men between the ages of 21 and 45 to register. Once the United States entered World War II, the age requirements broadened to 18 to 64. The draft ended in 1973, once again creating an all-volunteer military.


Making copies got easier when the Xerox 914 was demonstrated to the public. The inventor, Chester Carlson, also invented the process called xenography.


President Barack Obama signs the America Invents Act, ushering in significant changes to the U.S. patent system. Of the changes included in the legislation includes a “first to file” clause, electronic filing incentives and fast track options. The “first to file” clause eliminates the idea of “first to invent” which often led to numerous and expensive lawsuits.


In 2007, Nidhi Bansal began collecting stickers. By 2013, her collection had grown to 102,317 stickers and established Bansal as the world record holder for a sticker collection.

September 16th Celebrated Birthdays

Miriam Benjamin – 1861

Miriam Benjamin became the second African American woman to receive a patent from the U.S. patent office. Her invention, the Gong and Signal Chair for Hotels, created a way for customers to alert a waiter that service was needed without waving them down.

James Cash Penney – 1875

In 1902, James Cash Penney established the department store J.C. Penney.

Jacob Schick – 1877

In 1930, Schick received a patent for a dry electric shaver. He developed the invention while recuperating from an injury.

Karen Horney – 1885

The psychoanalyst theorized both environmental and social influence on neuroses in humans.

Louise Boyd – 1887

The American explorer led expeditions to the Arctic and wrote several books about her experiences. Her amassed knowledge of the Arctic led the U.S. government to appoint her as the head of an investigation of magnetic and radio phenomena in the Arctic.

W.O. Bentley – 1888

The engineer founded Bentley Motors in 1919. Today, the brand still produces automobiles and is owned by Volkswagen AG.

H.A. Rey – 1898

Along with his wife, Margret Rey, the illustrator created the children’s book series, Curious George.

Marvin P. Middlemark – 1919 

The inventor is best known for his invention of the rabbit ears – the dipole antenna for television. His invention immensely improved the reception of televisions in the 1950s and 1960s.

B.B. King – 1925

Born Riley B. King, the blues musician developed a style that influenced generations of guitar players and musicians.

Maxine Kline – 1929

The pitcher played in the All American Girls Professional Baseball League for six years. During her career, she earned All-Star berths and was one of the league’s winningest pitchers.

Elgin Baylor – 1934

The small forward played 14 seasons in the NBA with the Minneapolis (now Los Angeles) Lakers. He would later take on the role of coach for the New Orleans Jazz. In 1977, he was elected to the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame.

David Copperfield – 1956

The world-famous illusionist began practicing magic at the age of 10. By the age of 12, Copperfield became the youngest magician admitted to the Society of American Magicians.

Orel Hershiser – 1958

The Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher earned World Series MVP honors in 1988 and the National League Cy Young Award in 1989. His career spanned 18 years in the MLB.

Amy Poehler – 1971

Since the comedian’s first appearance on Saturday Night Live, Poehler has also launched a comedic film career. She’s known for her numerous roles, including those in Blades of Glory, Sisters, and the television sitcom Parks and Recreation.

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