National Children’s Craft Day | March 14
(Last Updated On: March 7, 2023)


Each year, National Children’s Craft Day on March 14th unleashes a boost of creative energy right in the middle of National Craft Month. The day celebrates crafting with children. By opening children’s eyes to the world of crafts, we spark their imagination, and from there, the possibilities are endless.


Crafting can give children a sense of accomplishment as well as help build their self-esteem. As with adults, crafting reduces stress in children, too. 

Craft stores hold special classes throughout March. These classes offer a variety of opportunities for children to get involved. They also provide an opportunity for children to interact with others, learn something new, and have fun without electronics or television. When stimulating a child’s creativity, we encourage their curiosity and use of tactile skills as well. Some of the other benefits of crafting includes:

  • following directions
  • improving reading comprehension
  • learning independence
  • overcoming mistakes
  • feeling included
  • mastering social skills

It doesn’t cost a lot to get a child involved with crafts. Use everyday household items for projects. Don’t be afraid to use recycled items such as paper towel tubes and yogurt containers. These items make excellent craft items and demonstrate repurposing. 


  • The ideas are unlimited for this holiday! Let the creative juices flow. Children will inspire you, but the internet provides endless resources, too.
  • Look for simple projects online or even in the National Day Calendar Classroom. We offer a wide variety of projects for all ages.
  • Scour second-hand shops for glitter and other items for your craft supplies. As you celebrate, take up a collection of supplies to donate to classrooms.
  • Or try these ideas we found to start crafting at home, too!
    • Use recycled materials to start your craft supplies. Paper tubes, plastic bottles, cardboard boxes, egg cartons, old t-shirts, and many more items make excellent project starters.
    • Make crafts with a purpose. A birdfeeder, picture frame, or magnet for the fridge gives their creation additional meaning. Not only did they make it, but they also get to use it as they enjoy it.
    • Craft a game. While they exercise their creative skills, your children can also build on their strategic skills. Playing a game they create will develop those skills even more.
    • As your children grow, don’t hesitate to utilize power tools. That includes sewing machines, staplers, sanders, and drills. Each of these will help your students with their patience and S.T.E.M skills.
  • Share your projects using #ChildrensCraftDay on social media.


National Day Calendar continues researching the origin of this creative holiday. However, we might have gotten glue stuck to our fingers impeding our search.

Children’s Crafts FAQ

Q. Are crafting projects expensive?
A. No. Many children’s craft projects can be completed using household items. 

Q. Are children’s crafts messy?
A. They can be, but the memories, lessons, and skills they gain from crafting are worth it! Organization and planning can help keep the mess to a minimum. Oh. And avoid glitter. Glitter is ALWAYS messy. 

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