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MAIZE DAY – Day After Thanksgiving

Maize Day - Day After Thanksgivng


Maize Day recognizes a plant common across the Americas. It is celebrated annually on the day after Thanksgiving.

The day is set aside for all Americans regardless of ethnicity, naturalized citizens, descendants of the first peoples of the Americas or descendants of immigrants. We all celebrate the traditional role of corn in these cultures.

While other plant life was transplanted and imported, corn was common across the Americas. It was a central food source used by all the nations and an important part of their everyday diet. The day also celebrates the traditional crops and foods of Native Americans.

There are many varieties of maize. Depending on the kind of maize, it may make delicious corn tortillas. Others are best roasted and eaten on the cob. And of course, some kinds of maize make perfect popping corn. 


Serve a meal featuring ingredients used by Native Americans. There such as fish, squash, beans, nuts, tomatoes, mushrooms, persimmons, honey, cattail, asparagus, chicory, dandelion and of course maize.  Use #MaizeDay to post on social media.


National Maize Day was started by artist Corinne Lightweaver in 2004.

This holiday began as a small research project through which I intended—with my family—to commemorate the United States holiday of Thanksgiving through the viewpoint of the indigenous people. – Corinne Lightweaver

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