International Infinity Day - August 8
(Last Updated On: May 9, 2022)


If you find yourself asking why August 8 is International Infinity Day, you’re halfway there to celebrating!  On this day, everyone has the opportunity to celebrate the number 8 in all its uniqueness! Whether you’re a deep thinker, a question-box, or problem solver, we encourage you to celebrate #InternationalInfinityDay with a thirst for knowledge.

International Infinity Day, also known as Infinity Day, first came to light in 1987 by sidewalk New York philosopher Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo.  Jean-Pierre’s goal to celebrate life through free-thinking by promoting art, philosophy, and science quickly spread rapidly across the globe.  Since then, people continue to celebrate the freedom to think deeply and freely, respectively!

Quote markHe (or She, or Shim) who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead; his (her or shem’s) eyes are closed. – Albert Einstein

We all identify the infinity symbol with a sideways 8. Furthermore, we also know it signifies no end. However, did you know the infinity symbol means more than that? Here are some fun facts for you to ponder on concerning the number 8:

  • International Infinity Day is each year on 8th day of the 8th month.
  • There are also 8 planets in our solar system. Plus, it takes 8 minutes for the sun to reach the earth.
  • The infinity symbol represents an eternal love for couples.
  • An umbrella has 8 sides.
  • Spiders have 8 legs.
  • There are 8 countries that border Austria (Czech Republic, Germany, Hungry, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland).
  • A stop sign has 8 signs.
  • The Beetles released “Eight Days A Week” in  1964.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalInfinityDay

Incidentally, observing Global and International Infinity Day takes serious thought. You might consider taking the philosopher approach by having a deep conversation with a friend about the meaning of life, for instance. On the other hand, maybe you love math. If so, give us the answer to Infinity divided by Infinity.  However, if you really want to honor the day in an unconventional way, we hear infinity tattoos are extremely popular! Above all, don’t forget to share your infinite love using #InternationalInfinityDay on social media.


Our research shows the origin of this day first appears in 1987 by philosopher Jean-Pierre Ady Fenyo.  Of course, beyond the creation of the day, Jean-Pierre’s decision to honor the sideways 8 during the 8th month on the 8th day is exceptionally clever!


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