Around the country, Congressional Startup Day creates a platform for entrepreneurs to connect with their lawmakers. The day is designed for startups to express concerns.

Every small business owner aims for a flourishing business. Sometimes the struggles they face require a change in policy. When the opportunity arises to explain the issues and barriers, most startups jump at the chance. Congressional Startup Day provides that opening.

The day includes a week’s worth of events in each district. Each year, representatives from Congress return to their districts. They listen to and support their small business, startups, and new entrepreneurs. Most importantly, business owners share their ideas where they developed them – in their districts. As a result, they demonstrate the impact they have on the communities in their communities. And, policymakers get a first-hand look at the benefits and concerns, too.

While the day strives to find solutions to obstacles facing startups it does more. It also recognizes the ingenuity, creativity, and passion of startups. Small businesses provide immense value to each state’s economy. Without them, many communities would struggle.

HOW TO OBSERVE #CongressionalStartupDay

Join with Congressional leaders throughout the week. Check with your Congressional representation to see what events they are offering in your state. Share your ideas and be a part of the experience. Use #StartupsEverywhere and #CongressionalStartupDay to share on social media.

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In 2013, Representatives Jared Polis and Darrell Issa founded Startup Day Across America. Their goal focuses on opening vital channels of discussion between small business owners and their representatives. The idea illustrates to policymakers the difficulties they face.

In 2018, the event expanded to Startup Week Across America providing more opportunities for business owners and representatives to develop policy. As a result, more time allowed significant strides toward improved business relationships.

Startup Week Across America continued to evolve when, in 2019, it became Congressional Startup Day with week-long events focused on startups and their needs.