NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP DAY - Last Monday of January

NATIONAL BUBBLE WRAP DAY – Last Monday of January


National Bubble Wrap Day (also known as National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day) on the last Monday in January recognizes a fascinating piece of invention. Today, bubble wrap’s primary purpose is to protect fragile items either in shipping or storage. Of course, people also take enjoyment from popping the bubbles in bubble wrap, too.

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However, when two engineers created bubble wrap, the use as packaging didn’t pop into their minds right away. Marc Chavannes and Alfred Fielding first sealed two shower curtains together in 1956 in the town of Hawthorne, New Jersey. This technique created a smattering of air bubbles. The two engineers initially thought their creation would make a great wallpaper! However, sales for the wallpaper never materialized. So,  Chavannes and Fielding moved to sell the product as greenhouse insulation.

The product was originally named Air Cap and produced by the Sealed Air Corporation which was founded in 1960. In 1961, the product evolved into the Bubble Wrap we know today when it protected IBM’s 1401 computer when it started shipping. Sealed Air Corporation trademarked Bubble Wrap and has been filling shipping needs ever since.


  • Use some bubble wrap.
  • Create an art project with bubble wrap.
  • Recycle some bubble wrap by donating to a local organization.
  • Read a Poke-A-Dot book.
  • Visit the National Day Calendar Classroom for projects ideas.
  • Learn more about innovative ways to use bubble wrap.
  • Use #BubbleWrapDay when posting on Social Media.


In 2001, Jim Webster of Spirit 95 WVNI radio in Bloomington, Indiana created National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

Bubble Wrap FAQ

Q. Are there different sizes of bubble wrap?
A. Yes. Bubble wrap comes in a variety of thicknesses and bubble sizes. Bubble sizes range from 3/8-inch in diameter to 1/14-inch in diameter.

Q. Are there other inventions like bubble wrap created for one purpose and now have another purpose?
A. Yes. Play-Doh was originally created to clean wallpaper and did a pretty good job, too.

Q. Is bubble wrap reusable?
A. Yes! If you don’t have a use for the bubble wrap you receive in packages, donate it to a local business. Many businesses use bubble wrap when shipping products to their customers. Donating your bubble wrap and other packaging materials to small businesses is a great way to make sure it gets reused and doesn’t end up in the landfill.

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