BIRD DAY | May 4

Bird Day | May 4
(Last Updated On: April 28, 2023)

We honor our feathered friends on several holidays called Bird Day in the United States. The day celebrates birds of all kinds across North America.


With over 2,000 species of birds in North America, birdwatchers and nature lovers alike will appreciate the beauty and variety of these winged friends offer. From songbirds to waterfowl and domesticated birds, they come in every color of plumage and wingspan.

During the spring, migrating birds move to their summer nesting grounds. It’s an excellent time for those new to birdwatching to learn to identify birds by species. Enthusiasts also know that birds will migrate through backyards and stop for a rest, a bite to eat, and a drink if the right habitat is provided. They stand prepared by their windows with binoculars and watch as new visitors arrive daily. Whether it’s an oriole, a tree swallow, the ruby-throated hummingbird, or an American Finch, you’ll want to make sure you’ve prepared food, natural habitat and water sources for your guests.

However, it’s not just the passersby that get birdists excited. It’s the long term residents and those of the greater outdoors. Year after year they watch robins collect their nesting material or chickadees caring for their brood. They wander through nature preserves seeking a glimpse of a varied thrush or a prairie warbler. When they do, they are often graced with a privileged view of a bald eagle soaring above them.


Enjoy the pleasure of viewing and listening to the birds in your neighborhood. Share your favorite birdwatching experiences. While you’re out and about, take photos. As you do, promote habitat conservation and preservation using #BirdDay to post on social media.


Charles Almanzo Babcock, Oil City, Pennsylvania Superintendent of Schools, established the first Bird Day in 1894. It was also the first holiday in the United States dedicated to the celebration of birds. Babcock founded the day, observed annually on May 4th, to advance bird conservation as a moral value.

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