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National Bird Feeding Month - February


During National Bird Feeding Month in February, keep the bird feeders filled and your binoculars ready.

Bird watching and feeding have become a popular hobby. By providing basic shelter and seed, hobbyists watch from their windows or along trails. While it’s a year-round hobby, watching during the depths of winter offers some of the most beautiful birding available. Not only do you see the birds against a white backdrop, but the variety of birds in winter climates will increase your interest.

  • Be sure to feed regularly and place your feeder away from predators.
  • Set binoculars near the window for best viewing.
  • Obtain a bird book for identifying new species.


Fill up the bird feeder or add one this month. For great tips on feeding the birds in your area, visit DIY Garden. They’ve provided a birds-eye view of bird habitat and feeding needs.

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In 1994, Congressman John Porter established February as National Bird Feeding Month due to the harsh conditions endured during one of the coldest months of the year.

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