9 Odd Foods That Are An Acquired Taste

9 Odd Foods that Are An Acquired Taste
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)

9 Odd Foods That Are An Acquired Taste

9 Odd Foods That Are An Acquired Taste – Some foods are unusual simply because of a difference in culture. For example, the French love their escargot (snails) and smoked ox tongue. These foods typically aren’t on the menu in the United States. Then there are foods, such as bamboo rice, stinky tofu, and spinach noodles, that you would usually only find in China. Besides a difference in cultures, some foods are unusual because of their flavor, texture, or combination of ingredients.

Combining all these different factors, we present you with a list of 9 Odd Foods that can be defined as being an acquired taste.

1. Tamarind

The most unusual thing about tamarind is its shape. This tropical fruit is about six inches long and almost looks like a bean pod. Inside the pod is a sticky pulp that is used to flavor all kinds of food. Tamarind is native to Africa but is quite popular in other countries, such as Mexico and Pakistan. You’ve probably had it if you’ve ever tried Worchestershire sauce, even if you can’t spell or say it.

2. Jalapeno Flavored Ice Cream

If you like food that is a combination of sweet and spicy, you might like jalapeno flavored ice cream. Up the ante and try dark chocolate jalapeno ice cream. If you’re not too sure about this flavor, there are many other unusual ones to try. Some of the strangest flavors from around the world include corn on the cob, lobster, pickled mango, Cheetos, and creole tomato.

3. Lutefisk

This Scandinavian delicacy is basically a whitefish soaked in lye. If you can get past the jelly-like texture of the fish or the odor, you might actually like the taste. Lutefisk is usually reserved for holidays and special occasions.

4. Mac & Cheese Pizza

If you’re a pizza lover, you probably like to experiment with different toppings. There are some toppings, however, that are more unusual than others. Like for instance pizza topped with mac & cheese. Other unusual pizza toppings include fried eggs, shrimp, baked potatoes, hot dogs with chili, and Thanksgiving leftovers.

5. Baked Sweet Potato Kit Kat

The Kit Kat candy bar is known for being the perfect combination of chocolate and wafer. However, there are some quite unusual flavors of Kit Kats. The baked sweet potato-flavored Kit Kat is just one of them. Most of these odd-flavored Kit Kats come from Japan. Other unusual Kit Kat flavors include wasabi, rum raisin, citrus, red pepper, pumpkin pudding, and green tea.

6. Cucumber Flavored Potato Chips

What is your favorite flavor of potato chips? Sour cream and onion? Barbecue? Salt and vinegar? Those are all pretty normal. If you want to eat an unusual flavor, you might opt for cucumber-flavored potato chips. Other weird flavors from around the world include BBQ pulled pork, crab seasoning, roast chicken, oregano, seaweed, and maple bacon.

7. Haggis

This Scottish dish consists of a sheep’s offal mixed with suet, oatmeal, and seasoning. Just so you’re aware, offal includes the kidneys, tongue, brains, feet, heart, liver, and lungs. All of this is boiled in a bag that was made from the animal’s stomach. Haggis is traditionally served during the Burns Supper on January 25. This is the birthday of the Scottish poet, Robert Burns.

8. Poutine

This French-Canadian classic is found throughout Canada. Poutine is a combination of French fries, fresh cheese curds, and brown gravy. Some restaurants serve their poutine with duck confit or lobster. Other kinds of poutine include corn dog, sweet potato, meatball, and poutine pizza.

9. Tuna Eyeballs

Many people around the world eat all kinds of odd things like bugs, grubs, and maggots. They also eat every kind of animal body part imaginable. One such unusual delicacy in Japan is tuna eyeballs. Some people even eat the eyes raw. Others, however, like their tuna eyeballs cooked, boiled, or deep-fried. If you can stomach them, tuna eyeballs are a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids.

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