5 Tips to Making the Best Homemade Chocolate Pudding

5 Tips to the Best Homemade Chocolate Pudding
(Last Updated On: September 25, 2020)



National Chocolate Pudding Day inspired us to list 5 tips to the best homemade chocolate pudding. And we have had a few bowls of it around the National Day Calendar® offices so we should know! We’re lucky to have some talented cooks and hungry eaters, too. We provide you with our own tips and tricks and a few others we found on the side. If you’ve never made homemade chocolate pudding, don’t be afraid. Give it a try. Alton Brown from the Food Network compares the best chocolate pudding to eating chocolate bunny souls. So, if you get it right – well, it’s gotta be Celebrate Every Day® worthy.

1. Use real ingredients.

Not just real ingredients, but quality, whole, and fresh ingredients. Imitation vanilla, skim milk, and old eggs all add up to a poor result when it comes to making pudding. Many times generic and off-brand ingredients far exceed the requirements for a dish, but when it comes to this dessert, number 1 on our list is essential.

2. Carefully temper the egg mixture before adding the hot chocolate mixture to it.

Tempering is a process of carefully bringing eggs up to the temperature of a hot liquid to prevent scrambling the eggs in a recipe. Who wants cooked chocolate eggs? By slowly adding a portion of the hot mixture to the eggs and whisking them as if you are trying to beat the record for Guitar Hero, you end up with a smooth pudding. Tempering applies to other recipes, too — for example, chocolate mousse or chocolate pots de creme.

3. Chill before eating.

Resist the urge to eat the luscious dessert warm. Yes, it’s perfect. You succeeded in mastering homemade pudding but wait a little longer. It’s even better with fresh whipped cream. Why? Well, as it cools, pudding settles into this satisfying thickness that no boxed pudding can compare. Besides, what happens to whipped cream when placed on warm food? It melts.

4. Cover with plastic.

Let the plastic rest on the pudding. The plastic creates a seal on the pudding, preventing a thick film from developing.

5. Serve with real whipped cream.

If you’re going through the effort to make homemade pudding, why stop at storebought whipped topping? See number 1 for all the reasons why you shouldn’t.

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