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National Retro Day - February 27


On February 27, National Retro Day takes us back to a time before smartphones and the internet.

Every generation looks back and asks, “Remember when?” National Retro Day indulges our love for the good ol’ days while remaining in the present.

No matter the decade, pick a point in time where people talked more face to face than text to text, had dinner at home around the table and the kids played games that didn’t require internet.

What’s your retro? On National Retro Day, swoop the hair into a mile-high beehive or strut those eight-inch bell bottoms. Can you maximize the curls for a stellar Afro? Don’t hesitate to break out the old roller skates and see if you still have those mad skills. Tie the hair up with a polka dot bandana and strike muscle pose like Rosie the Riveter. Maybe you prefer a moonwalk, a leather jacket, and a single glove.

With no smartphones, internet, and social media, we spent more time focused on each other when we were together. Each moment recorded in memory for us to look back retrospectively and not for the whole world to see.


Whatever your retro is, wear it, drive it, play it on National Retro Day. What’s your retro? Let us know by using #NationalRetroDay on social media.

You can also follow #NationalRetroDay on Facebook and Twitter.


Hermelinda A. Aguilar and Robert and Tina Duran founded National Retro Day to take a look back at how life was before social media, the internet and smartphones became a necessity of our daily lives.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Retro Day to be observed annually on February 27, 2018.

National Pancake Day – IHOP


IHOP restaurants began National Pancake Day in 2006.  Since that day, they have raised $24 million for charities.  On February 27, 2018, people from around the country will once again celebrate National Pancake Day at IHOP restaurants and enjoy free pancakes. Guests are asked to consider leaving a donation.


Visit IHOP and have pancakes for a good cause. Use #NTLPanCakeDay to share on social media.

From 7 AM to 7 PM, IHOP is offering one free short stack of their Original Buttermilk Pancakes. Donate to help children battling critical illnesses. Each year since 2006, IHOP National Pancake Day has raised nearly $30 million. Visit for more information on participating locations and charities.

National Strawberry Day - February 27


We continue with February’s heart-shaped and red theme by observing National Strawberry Day on February 27. These juicy, sweet berries can brighten up any dish and are delicious all on their own.

There are a few different stories behind the origin of the name. The more widely accepted version is that the berries would drop off the leaves and become “strewn” about the plant. Overtime “strewn-berries” became “strawberries”. There was a time (and some gardeners still do this today) when strawberry beds were mulched with straw, insulating the plants over the winter, keeping weeds at bay during the growing season and making them easier to harvest. Another sweet story tells of English children stringing the berries on grass straws and selling the “straw berries” in their neighborhoods.

Strawberries are a little unusual as far as fruits go; they wear their seeds on the outside.

Not only are they delicious, but they are also fragrant. One of the more aromatic fruits, they belong to the rose family.

Strawberries are grown in nearly every corner of the Earth (if the Earth had corners) except for her most frozen southern and northern reaches. Along with all these possible locations, there are over 600 varieties of strawberries as well.

An excellent source of Vitamin C, strawberries are also a good source of folic acid, potassium and fiber. At 55 calories and zero fat in 1 cup, these sweet things hit the spot when a snack time is calling!


While the best season for strawberries is from late April to August, now might be a good time to scout out strawberry festivals and pick-your-own farms or plan to plant your own strawberry patch. Imagine sitting in your very own patch eating sun-warmed, sweet berries you picked or even grew yourself under clear blue skies.


  • Pick fully ripe berries. Strawberries don’t continue to ripen if picked too early like bananas or pears.
  • Don’t overfill your container. Berries are tender and can bruise easily.
  • Don’t wash the fruit until you are ready to eat. Strawberries are susceptible to mold and washing will speed up spoilage.
  • The best time to pick strawberries is on cool, cloudy days, but if they will be eaten right away, any time is perfect!
  • If you pick more than you can eat before they spoil, strawberries freeze very well. Pluck off the green caps and toss into a freezer bag. Use for smoothies, ice cream or cake toppings.

You may want to have a fresh bowl of strawberries now, or maybe give one of the following recipes a try:

Strawberry Pretzel Salad
Strawberry Spinach Salad
Easy Strawberry Banana Smoothies
Easy Fresh Strawberry Pie
Strawberries and Cream Bread Pudding

Use #NationalStrawberryDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Strawberry Day.  It is listed as an American Food Holiday.

National Polar Bear Day - February 27


National Polar Bear Day, also known as International Polar Bear Day is observed on February 27th.  It is a day to learn more about the polar bear and conservation efforts where the polar bear is concerned.

Polar bears can reach a height of 9 ft tall and a weight of 1400 pounds.  They have large front paws, which are slightly webbed, that are used to paddle as they swim.  As they are powerful swimmers, some polar bears have been seen swimming hundreds of miles from land. However, some of the distance may have been covered by floating on sheets of ice.

The polar bears have a warming layer of fat which is covered by their thick coat of insulating fur which helps them live in the colder environments.

Some organizations use this day to raise awareness of the declining number of polar bears worldwide. It is believed by many that these beautiful creatures are threatened due to global warming and the consequential loss of their natural habitat.  Groups around the world gather together to find ways to make a difference and spread information to others.


Learn more about the polar bear, its environment and how it lives. Use #NationalPolarBearDay to post on social media.


Polar Bear Day has been recognized since at least 2011, and founding credit has been given to Polar Bears International which sponsors educational challenges annually.

Spay Day USA - Last Tuesday in February


The last Tuesday in February is the annual observance of Spay Day USA.

Spay Day USA has helped in decreasing the population of stray dogs and cats throughout the United States.  Spaying helps reduce the number of unwanted animals.


Use #SpayDayUSA to post on social media.


This day was created by the Doris Day Animal League in 1994 as a day to bring attention to the pet overpopulation problem in the United States, and also to encourage animal population control by neutering pets.

National Kahlua Day - February 27


February 27th recognizes National Kahlúa Day.  This day was created as a day for those, over the age of 21, to enjoy this creamy, rich alcoholic liqueur.  To celebrate, you may want to use Kahlua, a coffee-flavored rum-based liquor, to flavor your ice cream or another dessert such as cheesecake or cake.  It also tastes great in coffee, hot chocolate, creamy cocktails, as a shot or on the rocks.

Pedro Domecq began producing Kahlúa in 1936. In 1994, the company merged with Allied Lyons forming Allied Domecq. In 2005, Allied Domecq was partially acquired by Pernod Ricard which merged with the Swedish Vin & Sprit (V & S Group) in March of 2008. 

Kahlúa is made from coffee and rum, so it does contain caffeine.  Kahlúa is found to be used in a few notable cocktails, including the following:

  •  B-52
  •  Baby Guinness
  •  Black Russian
  •  Mudslide
  •  White Russian
  •  Espresso Martini
  •  Caribbean Mudslide


Have some Kahlúa (Remember always drink responsibly and never drink and drive) and use #NationalKahluaDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the creator of National Kahlúa Day.

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