World Sustainable Gastronomy Day - June 18


Word Sustainable Gastronomy Day on June 18 recognizes the practices and principals associated with sustainable food consumption combined with the art of collecting, preparing, and consuming the food we eat. As part of the observance, the day acknowledges the social, cultural, and artistic expression related to gastronomy and defines three dimensions of sustainable development – people, planet, and profit.

The United Nations says several principals guide sustainable food production and consumption:

  1. Improving efficiency in the use of agricultural resources.
  2. Direct action to conserve, protect and enhance natural resources.
  3. Responding to the changing needs of people, communities, and ecosystems is key to sustainable agriculture.

HOW TO OBSERVE (Leftovers matter!

Learn more about sustainable gastronomy and agriculture by visiting the website.

  • Don’t buy more food than you need.
  • Recycle food by composting and converting unused foods into jams or sauces.
  • Shop locally grown vegetables and fruits.
  • Buy from small and local suppliers who use or promote sustainable agriculture techniques.
  • Use all of the food you have on hand.
  • Be mindful of what is in your vegetable drawer and use it before it wilts and rots.
  • Make lunch to take to work — compost food scraps.

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The United Nations General Assembly proclaimed World Sustainable Gastronomy Day in December 2016 and first celebrated in 2017.