World Poetry Day | March 21

(Last Updated On: March 15, 2023)

World Poetry Day on March 21st serves as a reminder of the magnitude that reading and writing poetry has enriched and inspired the way we live our lives. Ever since humans have been recording history, poetry has challenged the norm with new ways of thinking through allegory and complex emotion. Words have always been the binding source between people and allows us to see life from a new perspective. Poetry is the artistic mastery of this phenomena, by conveying emotions within us and creating the ability to influence others. It’s our poetic nature that allows words to be the bridge to our feelings.

“Poetry is a window onto the breath-taking diversity of humanity.” — Irina Bokova, UNESCO Director-General

Poetry is not only an expression of art, but it also acts as an avenue of educating beyond the classroom setting. It allows us to take the knowledge we’ve been given and apply it directly to how we view the world. On this day we step into the realm of creative expression and open up to the inspiration that surrounds us, by sharing, collaborating and experiencing the world through poetry.


Use #WorldPoetryDay to share on social media.  Read or recite poems.  Try your hand at writing a poem. As numerous as the days, there are as many styles of poetry. Find one that you enjoy!

Humans have been recording poetry since the beginning of time. So pick a year, any year, and delve into a new, undiscovered headspace. Then, break out some parchment and a quill for your own expression session!


The United Nations Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization (UNESCO) declared World Poetry Day to be observed annually on March 21.  This declaration took place in 1999 in Paris, France during UNESCO’s 30th Session.  Click here to read more on the United Nations Website.




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