WORLD NGO DAY - February 27

World NGO Day - February 27


World Non-governmental Organization (NGO) Day recognizes the inspirational work of the people behind not-for-profit organizations around the world do every day.  NGOs are found at the local, regional and international levels. Whether large or small, World NGO Day celebrates all the benefits these groups bring to the planet.

NGOs, according to Article 71 of the United Nations Charter, are defined as any organization “independent from government influence and is not-for-profit.”

Equally important, these groups provide benefits to individuals and communities that may not otherwise be available. They improve neighborhoods and the lives of the people who live in them. From medical aid, financial services, environmental research, educational support, and crisis intervention, NGOs provide a variety of services.

Fueled by collaboration and innovation, NGOs grow through volunteerism. However, NGOs also provide fantastic employment and economic benefits for cities. Dedicated to the leaders and visionaries who make these organizations possible, the observance encourages you to consider joining an NGO.


Whether you are a part of an NGO or have benefitted from one, share your experience. What else can you do? Check out these opportunities:

  • Learn more about NGOs.
  • Volunteer
  • Share your skills and experience.
  • Join an NGO that inspires you.

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In 2010, Marcis Lios Skadmanis established World NGO Day.