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World Honey Bee Day


Beekeepers, honey lovers and all blooming things in nature make note that the third Saturday in August in World Honey Bee Day.

Recognizing not only the honey bee but the beekeepers who tend to hives, World Honey Bee Day encourages everyone to enjoy and buy locally grown honey.


  • Collect and spread local wildflower seeds to promote honey bee pollination.
  • Flavors of honey will vary depending on the variety of flowers and nectar available to the bees.
  • Clover, alfalfa, lavender, orange, and chestnut are just a few to choose from.
  • Replace your usual sweetener with honey for the day. Taste the difference!
  • Give the gift of honey to a friend, neighbor, co-worker or family member.

Don’t forget to share with your honey, too! Use #WorldHoneyBeeDay to post on social media.


World Honey Bee Day began as National Honey Bee Day in 2009 with a proclamation issued by the Secretary of Agriculture, Thomas J. Vilsek. The day grew rapidly bringing awareness to the benefits and environmental needs of honey bees.

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