World Gratitude Day - September 21
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


World Gratitude Day on September 21st brings the entire globe together in a day of thankfulness. The celebration joins individuals, nations, and organizations sharing their gratitude in various ways.

You might wonder why we need a World Gratitude Day. Isn’t that what Thanksgiving is for? However, not every country celebrates Thanksgiving. Besides the U.S. and Canada, there are only a handful of countries that have an official day of thanks. The observance gives every person in every country a chance to think about what they are thankful for.

Did you know that having an attitude of gratitude is good for you? Being thankful results in physical, emotional, and many other types of benefits. For example, practicing thankfulness improves sleep, lowers stress levels, and boosts the immune system. Gratitude also reduces symptoms of depression and improves self-esteem. If all that weren’t enough, practicing gratitude enhances social and professional skills. With all those benefits, how could you not want to be thankful?

If you aren’t the thankful type, World Gratitude Day would be a great time to start. Not sure where to begin? Simply be thankful for waking up and experiencing a brand new day. Other ways to be thankful include:

  • Consider the source of the food you have in your cupboards.
  • Look to the roof over your head. Having a home to live in, no matter how large or small is something to be thankful for.
  • Jobs than pay our bills, feed our children, and give us a purpose.
  • We often take our health for granted, but it is another thing to be thankful for.
  • The beauty nature provides in sunsets and many other ways every day.
  • Our loyal pets are worthy of our gratitude.
  • As the saying goes, “there is always, always, always something to be thankful for.”

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldGratitudeDay

There are so many fun ways to celebrate World Gratitude Day. Gather a group together and play the Alphabet Gratitude Game. Write thank you notes and give them to those you appreciate. Eat dinner together as a family and let them know how thankful you are for them. Ask each member of your family what they’re thankful for.

Is there a person in your life you’re thankful for? A physician, teacher, babysitter, or relative? Whoever it is, today is a great day to tell them thanks!
Start a gratitude journal. Write a list of things you’re thankful for. Post the list to Facebook or write it up as a blog post. When sharing your list on social media, be sure to use #WorldGratitudeDay.


The idea of World Gratitude Day came about in 1965 during Thanksgiving dinner in the meditation room of the United Nations building. Sri Chimnoy, a spiritual leader and meditation teacher, suggested a day of thanks the whole world could celebrate together. Each member present resolved to hold a gratitude gathering each year in their country on September 21.

In 1977 a group that ran the meditation room requested a resolution that gave recognition for World Gratitude Day. This occurred at the New York Headquarters during a special ceremony that honored Sri Chimnoy for his work. It has been an annual observance ever since.


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