WORLD GLAUCOMA WEEK – Second Full Week in March

World Glaucoma Week - Second Full Week in March
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


The second full week in March sets the stage for World Glaucoma Week, bringing awareness to a health condition that could impact as many as 111 million people around the world by 2040. Early detection is an important goal of the awareness campaign, as glaucoma is the world’s second foremost cause of blindness.

The four main types of glaucoma are:

  • primary open-angle glaucoma – the most common type of glaucoma and is usually caused by too much pressure within the eye
  • primary angle-closure glaucoma – caused when the iris blocks drainage from the eye
  • secondary glaucoma – either open-angle or closed-angle and another condition causes drainage to be interrupted
  • developmental glaucoma – occurs in infants and children, usually the result of increased pressure in the eye

While everyone is at risk for glaucoma, some carry more risk factors than others. Do you fall into one of these higher-risk categories?

  • African Americans are 6-8 times more likely than Caucasians to develop glaucoma
  • Glaucoma risk goes up with age. By the age of 60, the chances of developing glaucoma increase six-fold.
  • It’s hereditary. If family members have developed primary open-angle glaucoma, you’re more likely to develop it, too.
  • Other ethnic groups, such as older populations of Hispanics and Asians, are also at higher risk.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldGlaucomaWeek

See your optometrist for an eye exam and glaucoma test. Early detection is critical. Know your family history, too. Take preventative action to decrease your risk. Learn more about glaucoma and its symptoms, also. Use #WorldGlaucomaWeek to share on social media.


In 2010, the World Glaucoma Association and the World Glaucoma Patient Association established World Glaucoma Week to create a platform for those with interest in improving eye health to understand the devastating effects of glaucoma better.

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