World Consumer Rights Day - March 15
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)


Every year on March 15th, World Consumer Rights Day raises global awareness about the rights and needs of consumers. It’s also a day to demand that the rights of consumers are respected and protected.

If you purchase goods and services for personal use, you are a consumer. There is a good chance that as a consumer, you have probably had a bad experience. Maybe you bought a new product that broke within months of buying it. Or, maybe you hired someone to do a service but they failed to meet your needs.

Most companies try to avoid negative consumer experiences, as it reflects poorly on their business. They know they will also lose customers as a result. In most countries, there are laws that help to protect the rights of consumers. These companies must abide by these laws.

Examples of consumer rights include the right to:

  • have access to basic goods and services necessary for survival
  • protect themselves from hazardous products or services
  • information about products and services
  • choose from a variety of quality products and services
  • voice a complaint about a product or service
  • consumer education and representation

Many countries have variations of these rights. But most every developed country agrees that all consumers have a right to safety, information, choice, and the right to be heard.

HOW TO OBSERVE #WorldConsumerRightsDay

Each year on this day, the membership organization for consumer groups around the world, Consumers International, hosts a variety of events. These events champion the rights of consumers and are held in more than 100 countries.

To participate:

  • Think about a time when your consumer rights were violated and what you did about it.
  • Discuss with others what our world would be like if consumers did not have rights.
  • Educate yourself on the consumer rights that you have.

Spread awareness for this day on social media with #WorldConsumerRightsDay.


President John F Kennedy inspired World Consumer Rights Day when he sent a special message to Congress on March 15th, 1962. The message pertained to the issue of consumer rights. Years later, in 1983, the consumer movement marked that date as World Consumer Rights Day. Recent themes for the day have included:

2020: The Sustainable Consumer
2019: Trusted Smart Products
2018: Making Digital Marketplaces Fairer
2017: Building a Digital World Consumers Can Trust
2016: Antibiotics Off the Menu
2015: Helping Consumers Choose Healthy Diets


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