WORLD BOOK DAY UK- First Thursday in March

World Book Day - First Thursday in March
(Last Updated On: May 4, 2022)


On the first Thursday of March each year, World Book Day in the United Kingdom and Ireland pursues placing a book in every child and young adult’s hand. That’s been their mission since 1995!

The day also celebrates the imaginative authors and illustrators who keep us coming back for more. Their dedication to their art form makes World Book Day stand up and applaud for all the joy they bring. We all have our favorite stories from when we were children, and the celebration is making sure those stories will continue to be told.


Head on over to and see how you can get involved! Donate to your favorite school or give a book to a child you know. Better yet, take time to read your favorite book to children or volunteer at a local library.

Use the hashtag #WorldBookDay and share your favorite reads with the world!


The first time this celebration took place in the UK was in 1995. The day was started by the United Nations, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). If you’re wondering how World Book Day UK differs from the one on April 23rd, you’re an observant cookie! The day was changed for the UK in 1998 because of conflicts with St. George’s Day as well as Easter school holidays.

About World Book Day’s mission

To achieve their goals, World Book Day has collaborated with National Book Tokens Ltd to provide every child and young person in the UK with a Book Token that can be redeemed for a book of their choice for only £1. Together, they were able to provide book token for over 15 million primary school students across the country.

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