WORLD BEARD DAY – First Saturday in September

World Beard Day | First Saturday in September
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Every September, the luxurious landscape of facial hair becomes an annual event on World Beard Day!


Whether scruffy or carefully groomed, all those beard-bearing persons step forward to celebrate the day. World Beard Day encourages competition between the bewhiskered. For those who have none, well, be prepared to pamper those who do or make yourself scarce. The mighty beard goes the spoils.

Memorable Beards

Throughout the ages, several famous and fabulous beards come to mind. The romantics may quote The Bard and wax poetic when reminded of Shakespeare’s Van Dyke style.

Another memorable speaker with a historically recognizable beard, Abraham Lincoln followed the advice of a young admirer. In a letter to the Republican nominee of 1860, Grace Bedell suggested that if he “let your whiskers grow,” he might gain more votes. Lincoln went unshaven and a month later, he was headed for the White House.abraham-lincoln

Beards come in all sizes. The band ZZ Top can attest to that. Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill’s iconic beards help to identify the group’s image. Ironically, the one original member who doesn’t sport an epic beard bears the last name – Frank Beard.

Speaking of epic beards, the record for the world’s longest beard goes to Hans Langseth. Originally from Norway, Langseth immigrated to the United States. According to Guinness World Records, at the time of his death in 1927, Langseth’s beard measured 17 feet 6 inches long.

A modern-day beard with some amazing threads belongs to Questlove. Like other whiskered jawlines, the talented musician joins the ranks of famous beards around the world. These beards have it. Others just don’t.


Drop your razor, show off your well-grown beard and join events near you.  You can also:

  • Explore different styles of beards.
  • Share your favorite beard grooming products.
  • Are you a beard-tamer or do you let it live on the wild side? Take a picture and let the world know.

Use #WorldBeardDay to share on social media.


Since 2010, the unshaven have been celebrating World Beard Day.

3 September 2022
2 September 2023
7 September 2024
6 September 2025
5 September 2026
4 September 2027
2 September 2028
1 September 2029
7 September 2030
6 September 2031

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