(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)


Workplace Politics Awareness Month is an annual designation observed in October. When someone says “workplace politics,” chances are, it doesn’t ring with the most positive thoughts in your ear. They can be intimidating, but they can also work to your advantage if you learn how the politics in your office really function.

So, what exactly is workplace politics? It’s interactions involving power and authority in a place of work. It uses social networking within an organization to achieve changes that benefit that organization… but sometimes, people use them for their own personal benefit instead. That’s where the tricky part comes in. To honor workplace politics awareness month, we’ve got some tips on how to navigate your way to success in the office.


There are two kinds of workplace politics: positive, and negative. Sticking to positive politics will not only benefit you, but it will benefit your company as well. Step one: Stay OUT of cliques. Be friendly and professional to everyone in the office instead of choosing favorites. It can be hard not to get sucked into an office clique, but if you can avoid it, everyone will respect and trust you. Step two: Don’t fuel the fire. If people are spreading rumors or gossiping about other coworkers, find a polite way to leave the conversation and don’t pass it along to anybody else. You never want to get caught up in workplace drama. Step 3: Make the most of it. You can easily use workplace politics to your advantage, as long as you give yourself some time to learn how they work in your particular setting. Know who to go to for advice on projects, and know when to offer up some of your own advice when someone else needs it. Show others that you can be trusted, and work your hardest every day so that people have nothing bad to say about you.


Avoid having toxic politics in your workplace. Use #WorkplacePolitics to post on social media. Accept your mistakes in the office and work extra hard to show everyone what an asset you are to the team!


Workplace Politics Awareness Month was founded by Chaco Canyon Consulting in 2005. The company designed this month to increase awareness about joining workplace politics in a way that is beneficial to ourselves and our employer.

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